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Suzuki Gladius Review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LolSauce, May 12, 2009.

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  4. have new gladuis in garage
    Happy with it
    Oh sorry its not mine :oops:
    over all it handles well
    not as much vibartion as the sv
    turns well
    I would say its a great learner bike
    had still has enough power too keep up with my gsxr
    well no :LOL:
    power down low is good
    up high is not the same as an inline 4
    once it is run in I will put it through its paces
    Oh and I have the non lams model
  5. They are a lovely looking bike, a touch feminine maybe.
  6. Understatement Of Yhe Year contender right there!

    Only by adding a flowery basket, handlebar tassles and possibly a Cabbage Patch doll for the pillion seat could that bike be more feminine. They aimed it squarely at the estrogen zone and hit dead centre.
  7. The styling could be the key to how well it sells? The blind don't ride motorbikes. It's freaking hideous :-/.
  8. I thought the same thing when i first saw it, but looking at it more I seem to look at it now and work out what I can change.

    As soon as I get mine I'll be ripping the plastic fairing off the side, getting rid of the rear fender, taking the GladiASS stickers off (I hate that name so much =/) changing the exhaust and in future getting rid of that headlight for a nicer looking one.
  9. WIthout the crappy headlight and the chicken drumstick exhaust it'd probably look pretty reasonable, dunno how easy it'd be to replace it with something decent though :|.
  10. I don't know what to do with the headlight as of yet, but I'll work something out. Maybe work out how to fit some dominator headlights like I see on the SV650's.

    As for the "chicken drumstick" exhaust :grin:

    I've been looking around and I think I'll just get a slip on for now, to get rid of it.

    There's the aftermarket side of things so far that I've been looking at.

  11. Of course all reviews will be postive. I'm still on my Learner's bike and I am looking to upgrade (I've been saying this for about two years). I think SV650S styling is way better than the Gladius. Both bikes are similar prices. Why don't Suzuki do a run-out model sale of SV650s if the Gladius is going to replace it. How would a Salesman (for example) would convince me to choose the Gladius over the SV650?
  12. This bike is the leading contender for 'Barf Bike of the Year 2009', previous luminaries included the BMW R1200C, the Victory cruisers full dresser and sundry other pieces of shit.

  13. Why would ALL reviews be positive!? :? The whole idea of a bike review is to judge the bike, It's not a marketing broucher or anything like that. From the reviews I've read the bike comes out on top for alot of people... I don't know where you got the idea of all reviews being positive though

    I'm pretty sure it's not a replacement for the SV650S at all, It's more of a replacement for the SV650N (Which I'd love to get) but it's not LAMS =
    Most people would come out saying "What would you know, you ride a (insert bike here)...

    But I love the Bandit :grin:

    Each to there own really, I like the styling of the bike (I also love the MV Augusta Brutale...) I wanted something different which I could also make unique by my self. this bike just appeals to me for those reasons. (Also re-sale for when i get off my restricted license) I think everyones idea of the GladiASS is 50/50 at the moment. I hope once I get it in the coming weeks I can change the minds of most that dislike it. Time will tell. :roll:
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  15. Mmmm sounds tonnes better with an exhaust, and interestingly it does sound different to SVs.

    I can see how people would prefer this to the naked SV. I really hope they update the sv650s, its in need of a facelift.
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