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Suzuki Gladius mods what have you got?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by christo, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I am currently riding a suzuki gladius. Just wondering what mods everyone else is using especially if the is an increase in power involved! !
    Currently looking into the wire 24 solution as well!!!
  2. So you've got the LAMS version?
    The wire hack works, confirmed. Recommend you don't cut the wire.
    I've pulled the wire from the harness, then it's just a matter of plugging it back in. No molested harness that way.
    The power difference is substantial.

    I've got a Leo Vince collector/CAT delete and a cut down yoshi TRS off a GSX-R 1K.
    Does it go any better? Meh, Doesn't feel any different to be honest. I've left the standard filter in it to avoid leaning out given I have no desire to have it tuned.
    But the LV collector is far lighter than the standard collector/CAT, and the TRS is lighter than the standard exhaust again, so definite weight improvements to be had.

    Parts are hard to come by for the Gladius. It's an ugly bloody thing, and hasn't been a big seller for Suzuki, even though it is arguably the best bike in it's class, and easily the best LAMS option available.

    It's a 650 Vtwin, it's no supersport. Enjoy it for what it is (torque monster), and just plod around in sixth gear while all your mates are trying to find the right gear on their 600s. You're chasing your tail trying to get more power out of it, as there's very little to be gained from what I've read.

    I changed my bits for looks and sound, not performance.
  3. Thanks yeah i definitely want to change the exhaust as i think it is very weird looking. It's a lams version. Just want to make a few mods to it as i won't be able to get a bigger bike for a while yet..... im on my full licence so when i get something new it will be big. Just interested in a few mods to tide me over till then
  4. i had one for a couple of years also, did the exhaust and wire 24. The bike is pretty good full power but I don't think it is worth trying to get much more out of it without addressing the suspension or brakes. Once I got my full licence, I modified the spot where I park my bike instead, I put a faster bike in it's place.
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  5. After you pull the wire they go alright after 7k rpm.
    I was thinking of doing dual straight open pipes but it might become a cop magnet.
    Why did you get the lams version if you have a full licence?
  6. Mine has an M4 tailpipe fitted and removed the DB killer from it . Sounds good to me. Factory seat is very poor had mine repadded and covered now much better. front headlight is very ugly and pathetic at night , removed mine and fitted a 7inch round headlight , again looks better and now I can see at night . rear fender eliminator also done to smarten up the look. mine is black so painted the factory rearsets black along with the silver plastic frame covers,fuel tank cap ring and rear swingarm caps. Wire 24 may or may not have fallen out of the ECU harness plug also . On the wish list is front braided brake lines.
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  7. the best mod is to get an sv650 instead, they look better
  8. I had it all through my ls as well just can't afford to get something bigger for a while yet now I'm on my full. Wanted to see if i could do something to quell the itch so to speak. ..
  9. Sounds tasty! ! The seat did take a while to get use to. ... slightly better now i have risen it for a far while
  10. May i ask how much the seat mod cost and what / where etc?
  11. Mine has very few mods, and some have been retired. Let's see:
    • OSRAM Night Racer Plus headlight bulb (direct replacement, noticeably brighter than the crappy stock bulb)
    • M4 GP-style slip-on (makes exhaust note respectable and noticed, but not nasty)
    • ASV shorty levers (would use standard length if they need replacing)
    • Stebel Nautilus horn (now removed as it died, but a worthwhile mod)
    Even in LAMS form, the Gladius is an immensely enjoyable bike — especially if you're someone who prefers to keep it under 7000 RPM. Still got mine, though a 1000cc was supposed to replace it three years ago.
  12. Cheers for the info.
  13. Old post but - my 2010 Gladius has a screaming demon pipe (excellent noise), a newly painted catalytic converter and stand (worth the effort) and some edits at wire 24. Seat is next on the list - refoam and cover.
  14. Not sure if it affects bikes here but may be worth checking out the Suzuki recall in the US.
  15. Seriously worth the money. Just rode 2,500km interstate and reshaped foam allowed some 700km days. Stock seat I was lucky to walk after 150kms.
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  16. back into it after a new baby!! any ideas on a seat changover to sportsbike style, and an exhaust that doesnt need to clip on underbody or short dump pipe style so the rearset pegs and what they attach to can be removed?
  17. i find the stock seat to be oddly tilted and not the right amount of padding in it