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Suzuki Finance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by grumpydog666, Feb 26, 2012.

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  2. the real problem is, is that there is really no reason to buy a new GS500F.

    Besides minor changes to the colours between years, they are the same bike, might as well get an 04 for 5k then get finance on a new one.
  3. The 4.99% is for 2 year loans only, and you must be Diamond + credit rating according to their rating system.
  4. Yeah but if you do happen to meet that, it is pretty cheap finance - I sort of agree with an earlier post suggesting a slightly older model, but the GS is a ripper and if you plan to keep it for a few years at least I don't see too much wrong with getting a new one. Can't stand these people that think they're better than everyone else because they can exercise some self control :p

    Have a good read over the details and if suits your needs go pick one up(y)
  5. Was leafing though Fast Bikes mag today and there were adds for 0% interest on some bikes. They must be well up siht creek over there. Some required a hefty deposit, others not!
  6. finance like this traditionally has lots of tricks. Sometimes it is simple interest rather than reducing. Often you cant make extra payments. Both of these facts can lead to your total out of pocket being much greater than a personal loan of a larger interest rate.

    Also there are often conditions around insurance etc.

    When it comes to vehicle finance you need assume it is a scam and do your homework from there.
  7. you did read this part? (Comparison Rate2 6.12%p.a.)1, to qualified customers. So when compareing to other lenders compare the comparison rate. as it should include all the hiden charges.When looking at finance make sure you can pay the monthly installment and have plenty of cash from your wage. Due to bikes being bikes I would recommend at least a 20% deposit to cover the insurance to deprecation gap should a write off happen. in most cases the 1st year you pay intrest alone. Some companies will offer bridge insurance which covers this gap and thats added to the loan so your borrowing more again and more interest paid.