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VIC Suzuki DRZ400SM Black - Edithvale

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by steve-waters, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Folks had my pride and joy stolen last night....went to go for a morning run then realised my drive was looking different the gate was open and the bike was gone!!!

    Black with red highlights
    Has Ventura rack on the the back
    Reg: 1E5HO



    Attached Files:

  2. Bugger - not another one!

    Farken scum.
  3. Yeah spoke to cops they said they are stealing anything not bolted down at the moment around here campers trailers, kayaks and motor bikes....
  4. The bike has been recovered and two guys under arrest!!!!

    Go Vic police legends!!!!

    A lady (the hero) was walking her dog near the footy oval in Narre Warren saw two guys trying to load the bike on a trailer. Thought it looked a bit suss so called cops they shot down and ran the VIN number plates has been removed because the Chelsea guys had processed already got flagged as stolen.

    The copper I spoke with from Chelsea (a rider himself) said bike looks perfect other than they have pulled out a couple of wires to try and start.

    Picking up this afternoon or tomorrow morning....going to take keys see if I get lucky but need to try and suss out a trailer to pick up in case.
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  5. at last a good result
  6. Great news, hopefully everything is good and those scum get thrown away for a while...
  7. Picking bike up in the morning spoke to cop who did investigation not sure how much I can say - one is away, one is out. Both not from around here.

    Need to get new number plates, barrel is still good in ignition so just need to fix wires, rack still on back, few scratches to front radiator guards won't know till I pick up if to go insurance claim or not.

    How do I edit the title? (Or how do I request?)

  8. farkin gold, kudos to the lady for bothering to call the cops, and them coming down
  9. Got bike back not going to insurance but did give a double wash just to wash the scum off it.....

    All they did was punch out the ignition and left the end but no other damage new one will cost $135 or around $300 for set of ignition, fuel and helmet lock.



    Made a new key (will change so that the live is in the sleeve not the bullet) while I wait for the next couple of days for new one to arrive thought be bit quicker and less likly to damage plug by pulling in and out:

  10. here's hoping they get what they deserve
  11. Wow just logged in to see how many bikes have been knocked since mine - it's crazy.

    Just got a call from the copper who picked them up.

    The main guy just got 7 months....

    And number two is due to appear before court early next month.

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  12. Nice end to your story.. Glad to hear you got it back in good condition :)
  13. Great result! Really pleased to hear it. :D
  14. Just noticed this thread. Particularly horrifying given I'm pretty sure we live within a few blocks of each other. I see you around all the time. Good result in the end.
  15. Impressive, SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!