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Suzuki DRZ400SM 2012 Supermotard

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by RuKu, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Just signed off on a brand new one of these guys. It was the only LAMS bike I liked the look of. They're up there in power for LAMS (double my old CB250...) and they are kinda tall, which will train me for other bikes. And... it's a supermotard!!!! :demon:

    Anyway, they are quite hard to find! I was going to buy a second hand one, but it was sold out from under me. The rest on the second hand market were too expensive for their age. The factory warranty, reasonable price, and resale potential for the 2012 model convinced me to buy new.

    Here's a pic after a three kilometer test run in light rain - odometer was at 0.2km before I got on. I pick it up Monday (which I have off).

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  2. A face only it's mother could love, and you of course, have fun.
  3. After 6 months on a CB250, the front of Honda nakeds makes me almost physically sick... but anyway... thanks, fun is the plan!
  4. Congrats man! I envy you! I want an SM so bad! my WR450F on dirt is screaming at me!

    Don't lose your license :demon:
  5. Congratulations RuKu - just wait till you start taking the twisties at high speed you will have a shit eating grin on your face for days
  6. That's super.
  7. Awesome.. :D

    What mods do you have planned?
  8. Well, I have a perfect driving/riding record up to now - no tickets. So at least I have a buffer!

    Yeah, that was a major reason for this bike. I live in the foothills of the Dandenongs in Victoria... tons of twisties on the doorstep. :D

    I am upgrading from a bike about half the power of this one stock. So for now I will get used to how it is stock. Eventually, I want to put some Avon Distenzia tyres which I hear are decent for moderate gravel and dirt stuff.

    There's the 3x3 airbox mod and carby changes (adds 10 horsepower - 25% extra!), and a new exhaust could be done of course. But I could keep it stock for a better resale ratio and upgrade to something like a KTM 640 Duke II in a year, also. Those are comparatively cheaper, and more powerful stock than a tricked out DRZ400SM (which is technically illegal due to LAMS status).

    A lot depends on how my wife takes to bikes. She's planning on doing a pre-learners in December, and if she wants a bike of her own, or wants to pillion, or doesn't want to be on a bike at all, they all change the equation.

    Picking the thing up tomorrow at 10am! :D :D :D
  9. I got it home (the long way). It is really manoeuvrable! I am hardly a pro at cornering, but the old bike was definitely holding me back. It is a new bike, so lots of short shifting.

    Good ole Kalorama:

    And I'm taking a short tour of local roads this afternoon... :D :D :D
  10. okay another supermoto kitten killer
  11. I'd take off those two reflectors asap.
  12. Can I have a membership #? :D

    Yeah, it will probably be done this week sometime. Happily I can't see them from the saddle!
  13. 10Hp from a carby change? I would be thinking that might be a bit adventurous.

    Plus if you are thinking of changing to a flat sided carby. Remember that the price of one is in four figures.

    On mine, it had staintune slipon when i bought it. Then i got the massive staintune header later. It made a massive difference (once tuned to match). All throttle lag gone and low end power increased.

    remember, there are more gains in the real world by increasing low and mid instead of focussing on peak power at high revs.

    anyway ..enjoy. i loved mine!
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  14. need to see evidence first.... :p

    looks good man.. :D take it for a proper ride will ya.. 100kays is nothing.. enjoy
  15. The Hp gains are apparently from the 3x3 mod which brings much more air to the party. The carby has to be rejetted to suit. (So says the internet...)

    I am more an acceleration junky than a speed junky, so I hear you on the lows and mids. You 'loved' yours? What happened to it?

    :D I'll try to do better next time. It was awesome though, had a ball!
  16. some lowlife stole it.

    was recovered by the cops, but written off by the insurance company.

    had got the exhaust and tuning just right. fiddled with suspension and tyres to get it all perfect for me. was awesome. even did long rides on it, including down to phillip island for the GP (From sydney) .. everyone thought i was mad. but was too much fun not to do it :)

    long story but have ended up via attempt to buy a duke 690 .. with a little WR250x now.
    Would love a real motard, but seeing 90% of riding i do is commuting i need something with low maintenance. the WR is fun, in a different way. similar power but lot more revs. super big grin when you get it right in the twisties, i like th challenge of keeping it all perfect.

    DRZ was much more forgiving and much easier to REALLY annoy sports bike riders .. although still on tighter stuff the WR leaves them for dead.

    anyway .. enjoy it and insure it or at least lock it down as well as possible is a popular bike to steal. easy to pinch, light and easy to sell as an unregistered dirt/race bike
  17. I am truly sorry for your lots. :(

    ... I got insurance on this guy, and bought an alarmed disc lock too.
  18. You are all crazy evil hooligans

    I applaud you for that :)
  19. Get the dual Yoshimuras :D
  20. Same, which lock with the alarm did you get?