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Suzuki drz 250 won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Thomas24, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Hey mates,
    I got a Drz250, 06. I was sadly running out of fuel and got a dead battery. After that I tried to kick start it but doesn't work. Bought a new battery and spark plug, still don't want to turn on. The only why to get it running is to kick start it while pushing it than it runs in idle. But even if it's warmed up it won't start... Just with pushing and then kick start. Has anyone an idea what I could be?

    Cheers Thomas

  2. Would think you have either burnt out your starter motor or more likely the starter relay (little switch box under seat that switches the starter on when you hit the button - trace the starter motor heavy wires back until you find the relay which will probably smell burnt or look burnt)
  3. um
    no i dont
    have you put fuel in it ?
  4. Fuel - is the any there? Is it getting to the carby/injectors?
    Spark - is it producing a fat blue spark if you take out the plug put the lead vack on it hold it to the block and hit the starter button?
    Carby - is it full of crap? Blocked jets? Have you tried draining the float bowl to get rid of any water?
  5. Fuel is coming through otherwise It wouldn't run constantly in idle. I'll check all the thinks you mentioned when I get the time and come back to you guys
  6. So does the starter turn when you hit the button? Do your dash lights shine when you turn on the ignition? Does it run normally once you get it started? Not just idle, I mean properly.
  7. Back to basics.
    -Is the battery charged (headlights, instruments, indicators bright)?
    -Do you have new fuel in it and is it set to ON?
    -When you hit the starter button do you hear a loud click?

    -If the battery is toasted the CDI may be tripping out and not allowing the bike to rev, seen it happen a few times.
    -The main jet may be blocked and only running off the pilot jet, or the fuel filter (if fitted) may be hydrolocked or filled with crud
    -If the fuel has turned to spicy water the engine may not want to rev.