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Suzuki DR650's...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by typhoon, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Any good? What should I look for in one? What's their reliability like?
    I intend to use it as a second bike, and probably motard it up a bit.

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. Andrew, you need to get into contact with Snapey, he has one in exactly the configuration you are thinking about. I have his phone number if you want to talk to him at length......
  3. They are renowned as a very reliable, road-able, go-anywhere big single trailie. A mate got one as a companion to his Gixxer 1000, and ever since, the sportie has been gathering dust in the shed. He tours huge distances, thrashes the twisties, bush-bashes and commutes on it, and loves it to bits.

    Big, grunty, simple, time-tested and fun. Thumbs up!
  4. I bought a 97 model last year for commuting and some light trail riding. I chose it over other various models due to its reliability and simplicity. When used for commuting I do 100km a day and sits on 110km/h easily. Although the seat can be an issue for some as it is quite hard.

    A couple of threads worth reading over at ADVRider

  5. A mate of mine is buying two this week!

    I've been thinking (very seriously) about getting a 2nd hand one for commuting. Dead reliable, cheap bits and peices etc. I test rode one a few months ago and i would really, really need a gel seat for it. Other than that, brilliant things...
  6. If you aren't going to do too much fire trail work (rutted 4WD tracks), I'd recommend the KLR650. DR's that bit better on the dirt and bit more torque, but KLR has the better seat, larger tank, fairing, screen, heavy duty rack and water cooled and IMHO be a better commuter.

    If you are wanting a motard - I'd look at the DRZ, more modern technology and ~ 30kg's lighter than the above