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SUZUKI DR Z400SM any good??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TERAKID, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. hey guys,

    i have been trying to find my first bike as i have just got my L's. i am looking for a bike that will have enough power to at least travel relatively comfortably on highways at least 100km/h without pushing the motor too hard. also a fun bike that is worth the money.

    i have found a 2006 SUZUKI DRZ 400SM that has only done 5500km that looks in pretty good nick (never raced, or droped or driven off road) but has some issues.

    1. doesnt have any rego hasnt had any for a year.
    2. has not been ridden for a year but was serviced about a year ago. (supposedly on charge though)
    this is another thing im worried about.. if a bike hasnt been riden for a year can that compromise its performance or reliabilty at all.

    what do you guys think it may be worth?? is it worth buying at all?
  2. for a first bike your better off buying something that is ready to go. i owned a 2009 DRZ400SM and it was a great bike (i purchased it from new). having a bike sit for a year without starting it is not very good, just like a car it needs the motor to be run so the oil can lubricate the different parts. unless you have a pretty good mechanical knowledge of bikes (i'm guessing not if your new to riding) i'd steer clear. how much are they asking for it?

    FYI in the future it's a good idea to say hello in the WELCOME LOUNGE before posting up in the forums with questions :)
  3. Where are you located?
    If you consider it I'd make sure it is ready for rego or at least you know what needs to be done for rego. If in NSW that would mean you need a Blue Slip. I'd make sure it comes with one and the bike is also thoroughly checked over.

    Sitting for a year can also mean a gunked up fuel system.
  4. his asking for $6400 but i dont wanna pay that much anyway. actually i might of explained it wrong in the original post i just read over the msg he sent me which said "its pretty much been garaged (but on charge)" so he may have riden a few times or started it up every now and then. i will ask him if he at least started it regularly. or should i still just stay clear as he could just say that he started it often and lie??

    thanks mate for the help
  5. Im from ACT forgot about Blue slip... yeah probs too much hassle and asking too much money ay.

    sorry about posting twice heard its not a good thing on these forums
  6. It might be ok. You just need to go in with caution.
  7. so what would u think is a reasonable offer then?? or would i be better off with a ninja 250 with 12 month rego and basically brand new for a lot less than the suzuki?
  8. i wouldn't pay $6400 for an 06 model with no rego. i sold my 09 model nearly 2 years ago still with factory warranty and nearly a years rego plus a few good mods for $9,000. you should be able to get better deal than that. well if its been started and the engine run regularly it would be fine. but lots of things come into account for a pink slip too, such as sprockets, chain, brake pads, tyres you need a good idea of what kind of condition all of that is in. but without rego i wouldn't even pay 6k for it.

    they are great learner bikes though, good choice, you just need to find the right one :)

  9. yeh thanks for that. i thought it was way over priced as well considering it had no rego etc. maybe $5000 is fair you reckon?? ive heard alot of good things about these bikes thats why i want it so much (easy and cheap to repair, tough, and its not such a big deal if it was scratched etc at least not compared to a supersport for example.) plus that little bit more power for 100km/h roads etc.

    i dont know man im so stuck i dont wanna make a wrong decision
  10. I've got a DRZ E and the motors in these things are bullet proof. Would be very suprised if the motor had any issues.

    Just go with the low ball offer and see how you go. I think that his price is a bit steep considering it has no rego.

    Get a mate that knows bike to take it for a quick spin and check for roadworthy items.

    Good luck!
  11. Yeh thanks mate for the input. these things have really good design that makes them near indestructible thats one of the main reasons I want drz400, for their proven reliability. I would love to take a friend to have a look at it to make sure it's ok bike but don't have one that knows a lot about bikes lol. Wish I did though :) make things a lot easier. Do u know what a fair price would be if it was in good working order??
  12. That's why you need someone to have a look so you know what it will cost to get it on the road.

    It may be worthwhile looking at something slightly newer that is ready to go (rego and rwc), such as the 2010 one on bikesales in NSW. It will be a lot easier if you don't know bikes.
  13. Price is too high.
  14. Good bike, way better than a Ninja.
  15. Brilliant bike, loved riding mine for the 6 months or so I had it. I had the dirt version - DR-Z400E - which has the flatslide carb and a tad more power but still imagine that the S version would be very good. Fuel range wasn't huge and cruising faster than about 100kmh was a pain but other than that its hard to find a more fun bike...

    ...until you get a Honda XR600R! Seriously, its learner legal, a bit older and slightly more maintenance intensive but very very good to ride and will do long trips with ease. They can be had cheap too. Love mine to death.

    Cheers - boingk