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Suzuki DR series...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mr_sikma, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Just after some feedback on any of the Suzuki DR range.

    Where do you ride them? What problems have you had, etc?

    Probably looking at the DRZ400 myself.


  2. I'd like to know if the DRZ400SM is capable at fwy speeds.

    I'm still tossing up between that, the Suzuki GS500E or the Yamaha XT660X.
  3. yeah its capable... but how much freeway are yu talking? its far from a tourer!
    if you are commuting from melton to melb 5 days a wk it wil do it but it wont be the most comfortable trip.

    DRZ's are awesome. As a learner bike they are very forgiving and for a more experienced rider they awesome fun.
  4. Rode a few DRZ's - if it was freeway most days, look at something else. They are a light bike and apart from geting blown about, their gearing doesn't make for a real comfortable ride.

    IMHO DR650 a bit better option, also look at KLR650 where you get a bigger tank, water cooled engine, comfier seat and rack as standard.

    If the budget can stretch to a BMW GS650 also include in test ride
  5. I'm not sure if all my commuting will be freeway. There's a bit I can't avoid but most of it can be done on 60-80 k areas (at least until my experience increases)...

    But I guess the GS500 is back on the cards.
  6. I have a 97 DR650 and over the past 2 years have had no issues. Easy to maintain and service. Heaps of extras available (bigger tanks etc). I use mine for commuting (100kms return) and apart from the seat, love it.
  7. i have just started looking at the road trails again and the DRs look like the pick of the bunch.

    i was also looking at the GS500F (fairing version) but i reckon i wana hit the dirt eventually and dont want two bikes.

    i read somewhere that the DRZ400s can do 130kmh if they have to, but feel better at 100kmh. But all you have to do is change the sprocket to get a bit more gearing up high...

    how come people choose the 650 over the 400? I had a look at the stores today and the 650s are alot cheaper!
  8. yeah the guy at the bike store today said the 650 was only 20kg heavier, and makes a better rode bike but not as good in the dirt.
  9. yeah ive those 400sm's go pretty well in the dirt :)

    20kg's is a lot in the dirt
  10. 400sm? as in supermotard with the street tyres?!? :?
  11. DR650 top seller in it's class.

    Cheap, proven, fairly easy to work on. It's a 20 year old design though - how many trail bikes are still air cooled?

    DRZ's much better in the dirt - look for the "e" model as supposedly that bit more power.

    Went through the same dilema as you two years ago and bought a Husky TE610 - great out of the box except for seat and tank - easily upgraded and latest model fuel injected, but few grand dearer. Although some good used examples out there
  12. hahaha yeah i was telling everyone the other week about my dirt exploration at my parents house awhile back. heres a pic.

  13. i rang a dealership today about these and he asked me if i were to get one, if i would want it de-restricted...

    he said it was about 2 hours worth of labour, and involved boring out the inlet and changing a few things.

    he reckons they will only do 80kmh out of the box, this sound right?
  14. :shock: i think he is exaggerating. the drz400 does 110 easily so i cant imagine the 650 being slower....
  15. the drz400 does 150 :cool:

    80km/h is utter crap, i cant believe dealers can get away with lies like that.

    but yes derestrict it anyway, but dont pay the dealer to do it, read up about it and do it yourself. working on your bike is half the fun and singles are a peice of piss to work on.

    you will learn allot more about your bike and have a feeling of achievement.

    but stock 650's do a hell of allot more than 80
  16. sorry, i am talking about the 400!

    but 80 didnt sound right, prob just a way to make more $$$

    i will prob buy one 2nd hand, but if i got one new i would de-restrict it after i ran it in after the first service!
  17. 150 on a DRz - what in a box trailer :p

    I thought the 80kmh was crap as well, but read this on the DBW link At the moment i'm struggling to push 85klm when it seems to hit a flat spot.
  18. full tuck 6"2 75-80kg rider and it got there pretty damn easily

    it was the SM model. the "E" and "S" models might be slightly lower due to their gear ratios and tyres though. But there is the potential to reach around this from the engine though.