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Suzuki Dealers in Australia

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Bart53, May 18, 2008.

  1. :p
    Hi I would like to get some feedback from other riders on how well their Suzuki dealer is looking after them and their bikes at service time.

    I purchased a new Suzuki 1250 Bandit in May 2008 from Canberra Motorcycle Centre in Mitchell and was very happy with the sales service and the pre-delivery which was done in the afternoon I bought the bike in.
    The mechanics were very helpful in helping me re-load my packs from my BMW K100RS that I traded when I had a clutch failure on the way to Canberra from Wagga. The dealer traded my bike at a good price less the cost of repairing the clutch.

    My first service at 1000klms was done on a Saturday as I cannot get to Canberra on a weekday from Wagga due to work.

    They loaned me a demo model GS500 which enable me to go to my brothers and do a little shopping before picking up my bike.

    When I returned my bike was ready and I bought a couple of things from the extensive accessory range carried there.

    All in all I am very happy with b]Canberra Motorcycle Centre[/b] and would recommend them to anyone near them.

    Please post your comments on your local dealers.

    Bruce from Wagga
  2. The CMC Mitchell shop is pretty good, and since they got bought by CMC, they've just got so much stock now. Still can't get them to call you back about anything though.

    But why did you come all the way to Canberra? I thought Wagga had a big Zook dealer.
  3. Re Wagga Suzuki Deal

    Hi thanks for your contribution.
    Unfortunately Suzuki decided that the Wagga dealer was not selling enough Suzukis and took the dealership off them. I don't think they realise how much the drought has effected sales in country areas. 6 Months later they still have not found another dealer.
    I don't mind the ride to Canberra as my brother lives there and it gives me a chance to catch up and go to some decent restaurants also.

    Love the new Bandit. So smooth and great handling compared to the old BMW. I think the weight which has been written up as being fairly heavy is not that noticeable and I reckon that it is very light in the way it feels
  4. I bought a bike from McCullough Suzuki in Perth. I've found their parts and accessories people to be v. good, their workshop good, and their Manager so-so. Long story short, he's made several promises on gear that haven't been met.
  5. Suzuki doesn't seem to fair well in rural areas. There's not been a dealer here for a very long time, though that was mainly to do with the guy who was the dealer telling them to f-off because they kept trying to control how he ran his business.
    They've tried to open another dealership several times (I've seen the ads in the paper), but for some reason haven't had any takers - even though all the other Japanese manufacturers have dealers.
    I just deal with the local Kwaka dealer who so far have been pretty good, certainly a lot better than dealing with the closest official dealer (PS in Elizabeth St.).
  6. Just because the dealership is gone, does not mean that they can't service your bike.

    Wasn't it the Stable?
  7. The Stable in Wagga Wagga

    yes the Stable was the Suzuki dealer. (Honda, Ducati and KTM) and yes they could service my bike but the warranty would be a problem whilst it is still within the period covered.
    As it is I enjoy the ride to Canberra on the back roads and home via the Snowy Mountain Highway makes it worthwhile.
  8. JD that's not technically correct. Kawasaki signs may adorn the shop in Ballarat, but not a single new bike is there to be seen in there! Nor has there been for many moons. They are not listed as a Kwaka dealer either. Not really sure how they are allowed to keep the signage really?

    Suzuki demand a fair bit from their dealers, which is why nobody has taken up the offer in Ballarat, also Geelong, which if there ever was a town that could do with a dealership, it would be Geelong, Victorias largest town outside of Melbourne. Obviously the $500k start up capital required by Suzuki is putting potential suiters off the idea. Go figure........
  9. some personal experience

    I run a Suzuki dealership in Melbourne (car dealership).
    To say that a manufacturer is demanding is to understate the case.
    Usually, the distributor gets a message from Japan, Korea or whereever, informing them that the new years target is X+, where the plus is the increase in sales 'required' by the manufacturer. To make it more interesting, they break this down into models, without taking into consideration whether or not those models are actually selling in the country. The distributor (may or may not be the manufacturer also), then adds some more to these figures and 'distributes them' anongst the dealers.
    It is the job of the distributor and the dealers to achieve these targets.
    It is routine to have large increases that are not based on any reasoning other than 'WE WANT MORE'.

    It is my conviction after a few decades in the trade that what is required is SALES DEVELOPMENT rather than SALES MANAGEMENT.
    Sadly, there is little interest in helping a dealer develop his business. The only interest is in moving units.

    Your local dealer seems to be a victim of this.
    My local Suzuki dealer BTX in Ferntree Gully, is a small businessman, who has run his business well for 20+ years, and provides good service. Sadly, he will no doubt be taken over by a faceless corp, who will agree to do all the manuf asks, and then screw the staff and customers to achieve short term targets, slap themselves on the back, and then disapear when the going gets tough.

    All I can say, is support the small businesses, or one day, you will find that there is only Mega corp running EVERY dealership, and we all know what service we will get then!

    BTW, my comments do not apply to any one manufacturer, but in general form, to all the majors.
    If I sound jaded, dont despair, I am not, I happily go to work every day and do what I can to BUILD a real business. I am a realist, and can only influence the people I work with, or come into contact with.
  10. Re: some personal experience

    Peter, great insight from the other side of the fence. What would constitute sales development as opposed to sales management?
  11. I've seen quite a few dirtbikes in their that certainly looked new - but I suppose they could have been used/ex-demo stock. Never realised they weren't an official dealer, maybe that's why the service is actually reasonably good :LOL:.

    Didn't know Geelong had lost its Suzuki dealership as well - there certainly used to be one there. It is a shame that they'd try and manipulate businesses in small towns though. Obviously they don't realise that in those situations good service is infinitely more important than how many units you can move in a single year. Piss off just one rider and not only do you lose their businesses but also the business of all the people they ride with.
  12. Re: some personal experience

    Sales Management is Managing the sales you have, or expect to get.

    Sales Development is finding new customers and markets, developing the ones you have (to buy more), and retaining as much second tier sales (service, parts, accessories) as possible to maximise the return on the investment.
    An integral part of this is steering dealers to being profitable, and making a positive contribution to the marketplace, instead of just grabbing the low hanging fruit (ie undercutting prices)
    In Marketing terms, this is called making the pie bigger, rather than having a bigger slice of the pie. With the latter, the pie can shrink. With the former, the pie can grow as well, doubling the return on effort, without just changing who gets the slices, EACH slice can become bigger.
    Unfortunately, development takes time, and when people are goaled on short term targets, they will not focus on long term targets, as they will not be there!
  13. Re: some personal experience

    Gotcha. Thanks for that. It appears similar to negotiation behaviour (a pet topic) in which one favoured mode is distributive bargaining/zero sum in which each competes for the biggest slice of the same pie. The other favoured mode being integrative bargaining/non-zero sum, where parties cooperate to create a bigger pie.

    Of course what happens in the real world is that we work together to create a bigger pie then we compete to get the biggest slice. :LOL:
  14. My Suzuki dealer is 140k away but they have looked after me. They know how far I travel. The 1000k service was scheduled for first thing in the morning. I walked up the road to Macca's for breakfast and a read of the paper and they rang me when the job was done.

    The 6k service next week will be done around the corner from home at a H dealer but its only a minor and I'm not expecting any issues with the bike so am happy for H to stamp the book.

    Great service. Great bike. How happy am I? :LOL:
  15. Re: some personal experience

    It's funny you mention BTX, my experiences with them have been good and not so good.

    I wanted to buy a new Superduke so i dropped into BTX to inquire about one, had a chat about the bike to whom I assume is the owner, I asked if they had a demo for a test ride, he mentioned they didn't but that they would be registering one in a couple of days....I gave him my business card and asked him to call me once they had the bike ready for a test ride...6 months later I am still waiting for the call, I bought a Superduke somewhere else and they missed out on a $20k sale...

    On the other hand I have dealt with their service and spare parts department and they have been fantastic, they return calls and nothing is too much trouble and they are also very reasonably priced.
  16. Good service from BTX parts department? You obviously ride a KTM. I would rather walk to Mick Hones than buy from BTX
  17. Nope - Suzuki - and Paul in the Svc dept and Murray in Sales have always given me good service.
    But, I do buy stuff, not spend all my life gunna do this, gunna do that. I look, make up my mind, and just do it or not.

    They also know I am in the trade, and only live 300m from their shop.
  18. Bendigo has a Suzi dealer.... but endigo also has one of each of the Jap 4 + Triumph and Hyo. Services a lerge Chunge of central vic not justt he immediate area.

    i know the Honda guys in bendigo Used to be ok, but have not had anything to do with them for ages.

    The current hyo dealer used to sell Yamaha but who knows why that partnership ended...seemed ok guys and good service.

    No experice with the currentSuzi dealer although i know they are also the Triumph and KTM dealer for the area as well
  19. :grin: Taking my bike in to Mick Hone on Thursday for service. I purchased the bike a K7 gsxr 1000 a month ago from a local Honda dealer ( redwing) They were great also to deal with , but Ziggy at Mick Hone was great. As the bike was origanally purchased from them and had a lot of extras fitted by them from new i rang him to get a history of the bike. He was very helpfull and positive and told me to buy the bike. That coming from a salesman at a rival shop made for a refreshing change. :wink: :wink:
  20. :? Mid-afternoon's a bit early to be getting into the red isn't it Drew? :p :LOL:.