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Suzuki Colour range -not !

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GeeJayEmm, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. I am looking at moving up to a litre plus tourer following a couple of years on my GS500 suzuki. Naturally I consider the Bandit and i find I can get any colour as long as it is dull blue. So I thinks "well they are doing it at a terrific price compared to the competition and maybe Aus is a small market and they keep the cost down by limiting the colour range". Not a bad theory until I look at the Suzuki New Zealand site and Hello Hello there are 4 colours to choose and yes we will pre fit your panniers and sell you a package to go tripping on.
    What is the go with Suzuki Australia?? - get with it guys / gals customers do like some choice when parting with the hard earned. How much cost is there in less than a square metre of duco..? :(

  2. WOW I just checked out their site... a red GSXR600... they have quite a few different colours on their ranges.... Gladius comes in 4 different colours...

  3. I want that red 600!!!!!!
  4. Why don't you buy it, paint it and find out?
  5. Wow, they get quite a range there. The touring Bandit looks good!

  6. How did you get that number? I can see only two: black and blue/white. Even if you count blue/white as two colours, that's still only three in total:)

    oh, I get it - you were probably looking at their overseas site? Well, that was the whole point of the original post, I believe: we're getting only a very small (and usually the least attractive) range of available options.

    That's certainly has been my major gripe throughout the years... why is Australia always the second-class citizen, especially when we pay more than most?
  7. Because we sell slim to f**k all units compared to other places in the world, places that are easier to ship to.
  8. still it surprises me about the kiwi bikes... they are a smaller nation but they can get a lot more range. Although it doesn't appear to have the entire range of bikes that we get, so we get lumped with fewer colours, but bigger model choice...

    btw the suzuki kiwi site is http://www.suzuki.co.nz/Motorcycle/

    how hard is it to go to Suzuki and say I want this colour when can you get it in (similar to getting cars via boats), how much more expensive would it be?

  9. Hey, I was quoting the post above. I ignored the Gladius section soon as I saw it had red gixxers! Whats a set of fairings cost?