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Suzuki - clutch in to start workaround?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by CamKawa, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Since 1996 Suzuki have had a "safety" feature whereby the clutch has to be pulled in to start the engine. Does anyone know of a workaround for this?

  2. yes i do, but first why?
  3. Yep, sell it and buy a Honda
  4. it's just plain annoying
  5. I see you've got a touch of the funny buggers this arvo :p
  6. you need to find the clutch switch and isolate it so that it thinks it is constantly in. this only impacts on the starter relay and will not adversely effect your bike.
    if you have a manual it should show you where the switch is. it should have 2 wires (or 4 depending on model) unplug it and see if it works. this will work for an NC switch. if it wont work, you need to connect the two wires (if there is four, we need to have a look at the wiring diagram) this is the fix for a NO switch.

    failing that....like vic said, get a honda :p
  7. Thanks for that. I've a copy of the workshop manual; I'll start pouring over it now. I hope it's just a simple case of pulling a plug.

    or any other bike
  8. after a quick look you need to connect the red and green wires, that tells the ecu that the clutch is in which enables the starter relay.
    there is a blue wire in the same switch so that makes 3 wires, not 2 or 4 :LOL:
    the blue is for clutch out, which apparently does nothing .....
    no guarantee though, if you blow a fuse im not paying for a new one :grin:
  9. Yeah, sorry about that chief :)

    I think I drank too much last night :grin:
  10. Why not just pull the clutch in when you start the bike (ie put up with it)?

    It's not exactly a huge inconvenience.
  11. As that hand isn't actually doing anything when starting the bike I figure I might as well just pull in the clutch just to be on the safe side.
  12. Take out switch. Push plunger in. Apply Supa glue. Wait 30 seconds. Reinstall switch. Ride on. Acetone wil reverse Supa glue mod.
    Seriously though, I think clutch switch is a good thing, but sidestand switches are evil. :roll: They always play up.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I'm with typhoon, clutch switches are a much less intrusive and annoying option to sidestand switches with much better reliability.
  14. but if you trick it to thinking it's always disengaged will the side stand cut off work.

    ie; some bikes have the one where it cuts off when in gear and others where in gear and the clutch is released if yours is the latter it will allow you to take off with the stand down, just something to check anyway