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Suzuki C50 - Fuel Range & Fuel Light Warning...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NZKiwi, May 29, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Have a few questions for Suzuki C50 Owners.

    I've recently purchased a 2005 C50 Suzuki Boulevard and love it, absolutely love it...

    1. When the fuel light first comes on i.e. alternate blinking, how many KM's are left before it starts running on fumes... and

    2. What is the normal range of a tank i.e. mixture of city and dual lane around Sydney? i.e. 250km or more.... I'm thinking of doing a few long trips but don't know how far I can push it?

    Any help welcome?

  2. I get around 220 - 250 K's from my tank depending on the type of riding.
    Mines actually got a fuel gauge not a flashing light but the manual says when the last bar on the gauge starts to flash it has 3 litres left, may be the same for your model, do you have a manual?

    Theres a few other C50 owners on here so I'm sure you'll get good advice.

  3. M50 should be the same.
    at normal (sub 110kmh) speeds, 230-250 before the low light comes on - should be 3 litres left, as a 15 litre tank, roughly 20km/litre. I am getting this commuting at present.
    300 is theoretically possible. But I wouldn't try it!.

    After 200kms, you are ready for a stretch anyway.

    If you push the legs of it a bit, and cruise at 180kmh+, you will get less than 200km from it.

    For longer trips, I have a 5l plastic fuel container that I chuck on the rack, that gives me an additional 100km, and ensures I can actually make it to the next servo.

    I use BP or Caltex 95 or 98 fuel.
  4. Cruising along at speed limits you should be getting 300/320ks per tank easily. Around 20/22ks per litre.

    My light sometimes start to flash when I still have 5 litres left. The time to worry is when the flashing stops & it is continually lit up. :shock:

    On longer rides I always use the trip meter & reset it at refill.
  5. Thanks for your help...

    Thanks for your help..

    I don't have a manual so not sure about distances... Also, thanks for the heads up i.e. blinking means 3 litres left or approx 40-50kms...

    When the blinking stops and the orange light stays on all the time, well....lets not test that one out....but I get the picture...

    I had thought about 250 crusing at 100-110 which gives me an idea of how long between each stop and have 5 litre jug as well for those out of way places...

    Thanks again,


  6. +1. Always reset the trip. There are 2 tripmeters so don't confuse em :grin:
    I had the flashing light for quite a few nervous kilometres inthe hills near Kangaroo Ground before I found a servo. Didn't fancy pushing it far!

    Getting about 250-270 commuting KM out of the tank. Usually tip in 13 litres for about 200-220 KM travelled. If I boot it, use a bit more.