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Suzuki Boulevard ride report.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blue14, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. Well as most of you know i recently purchased myself a K6 Suzuki 800cc Boulevard Cruiser. So for those who might be interested here is my personal thoughts on how it is to ride.

    Well after i got used to having to put my feet forward and not up and back i was away with caution :grin: Obviously first thing to notice is what appears to be lack of power, with obvious reasoning though. This beast weighs in at 246kg dry, so is definately not something you can throw around with ease. :shock: Now as i become acustomed to the riding position i soon begin to get a feel of the awesome torque this thing has. :twisted: This has some serious pulling grunt and as i give it some more throttle i soon realise this is no slouch if you need to overtake or pull away up a hill. Sure this is no ZX12R, but it isnt a bike for a beginner. Something that a bike like this will always lack is braking power, and i soon find out that it doesnt stop on a dime, but does ok for a single front disk and drum rear brake. :shock: I am still to figure out just how much ground clearance i can play with, but it is certainly not something you throw into a corner to get the chicken strips down. :LOL: Obviously comfort is the key here, and i just love the layed back riding position, and after getting used to the heel and toe gear change setup, I can certainly see what all the fuss is about when it comes to riding one of these beasts.
  2. Ahhhhh, glad you have been converted!
    Now lets see if ya can lane split with her like I do with my little beast :p
    Don't worry about the cornering, you'll be scraping them pegs in no time :LOL:

    One thing I gotta say Paul......
    I'm surprised about the rear drum brake, I would have thought for a modern day bike it would come with discs both front and rear, but I'm sure you will get used to it. :)
  3. Its a bloody huge rear drum though.. :grin:
  4. I'm in half a mind to go (mid-weight) cruiser next - I rode a 250 Virago and it just had this cool feeling about it, like my Mum's old Holden...all the pleasure comes from just cruising along, with no compulsion to start darting. But I'm worried about the effectes on one's back - I have mild chronic back pain, and I hear that cruisers can be fairly punishing on the lower back. This gives me cause for pause. How are you finding it?

    (Actually, my problems are mainly in the upper back and kneck, and the forward position of a sportsbike can be even worse!)
  5. You are on to something there when it comes to my lower back i definately feel a little discomfort, but then i remember when i first rode the 12 i had the discomfort in my upper back and neck..
  6. My husband will be taking posession of a Boulevard very shortly (just waiting to get it registered and get the windshield fitted) - and he has pretty bad back problems - so will let you know how it goes. About 2 years ago he had to have a double fusion done on his spine, and since all that he was finding his brand new Kawasaki GTR very uncomfortable to ride, so he decided a cruiser would be the way to go. His problems I believe are also in his upper back and not being able to bend it. It will be interesting to see how it goes........
  7. You can get backrests for cruisers. That might help. I'm getting a rider & pillion backrest from the US. A heap cheaper than getting it here even with postage.