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Suzuki Boulevard horrible noises

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattieb82, Jul 2, 2016.

  1. HI [​IMG]

    So i just brought a bike!!!! about a week or so ago, 2007 suzuki boulevard m50 and its been going great!!!!
    ive done a about 200k's on it so far. was driving home from work yesterday on the highway and it started making these horrible nosies, decided to pull off and on the exit ramp and stalled and would not start again......it was like the battery was dead?

    Got it towed home, put battery on charge overnight, put it back this morning, started but very noisy and died about 10sec later and would not start again, like the battery was dead, push the start button the screen goes blank and a high pitch noise i think coming from the fuel pump.

    Put the battery back on charge (I've had it load tested now its ok) and we finally got it to run but still very hard to start, very noisy and stalled very easy. ive uploaded a video to youtube (cant seem to post the link but if you search for "mathew birkhead suzuki" its the 1st hit named "suzuki boulevard m50 engine noises"
    if anybody could shed some light or ideas
    thanks in advance Mathew
  2. Hi Matthew and welcome to the forum. When you get a chance introduce yourself in the Welcome Lounge it is the custom around here. While you are a Newcomer (see the banner under your Avatar) some of the site is not available to you, posting images, some of the forums, posting links etc. When your account upgrades to Member you will have those options. Post a few more times and interact with the community and the update will happen soon.

    Regarding your problem, I can't find your YouTube Video so I can't give you much idea. No doubt some of the other members will be along soon to give you a hand. A few things possible, if it is electrical do you have a multimeter?

    • Measure battery voltage, what is its resting voltage.
    • As it makes noise when running, possibly Stator in the alternator damages and hitting the rotor, this would lead to electrical charging issues.
    • Worse case CAM chain or CAM chain tensioner, in this case you should not run the bike you will do further damage.
    Sorry I can't help more, about to lead a ride out so I will check and see how you are going when I get back.
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  3. If not starting because battery is flat then I suspect alternator could be the cause. Otherwise any other serious noises mean do not start to avoid further cdamage.

    If you don't really know what you are doing it may be best to get it to a mechanic.

    Go Wallabies!
  4. Take it to a mechanic: they are trained to diagnose noises and apply the appropriate fixes.......
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  5. Hi Mathew, I've done a search for your video and i can't find it using the descriptions you have posted. When it doesn't turn over is it a ticking noise? I Had an Issue with my bike M90 and it turned out to be the regulator rectifier. there was a recall a few year back because of moisture getting into the housing. Unfortunately the new units they supplied were made to the same spec and so another recall was made this year. I don't know for certain but it could apply to M50 as well.
  6. First thing I would do is drop the oil and look for swarf in the oil or oil filter or if it has a magnetic drain plug. At least that would relieve your mind of any serious engine damage happening.
  7. That sounds terrible, don't start it any more. Just take it to a motorcycle mechanic and have them investigate.
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  8. bike is at the mechanics now....will let yous know the outcome......thanks for all the replies.

    (yes the oil was checked with the bike level, i let a little out to see if the was any metal....none, yes i let the bike go through its little cycle before starting, didnt bother checking the spark plugs as both pipes were getting hot, rectifier test ok 14V and battery holding charge.
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  9. Very hard to tell what sort of sound from the motor in the video. Doesn't sound like its missing so perhaps not cam chain which would be good.
  10. ok so the mechanic messaged this afternoon.....not good news
    he spent 2hours on it, narrowed the problem down to one of three things....big end, rocker or lifter, he said it would take another 2hours to dismantle the heads to find out which one. hes said it might be better to try find another engine from a wrecker ;(
    I haven't actually spoken with him yet but will tomorrow, Im thinking I could bring it back home and maybe try dismantle it myself, any thoughts on that?
    the rocker and lifter seem quite reasonably priced parts, i guess its a matter if they have fallen down and damaged something else.
    Ill call around wreckers in the morning to see if i can find a complete engine....fingers crossed
    if i was to get another engine, would i be able to install it myself? seems like theres not too much to it, or am i missing something?
  11. What you can or can't do tends to depend on how experienced you are. Have you done this sort of thing before? If not it may be a bit of an ask.

    I would probably not attempt it without a manual and be worth checking YouTube to see if there are any vids for your bike which might help.

    A newish engine out of a write off may well be the cheapest and easiest way to go.

    Go Wallabies!
  12. theres not too much to it, or am i missing something?[/QUOTE]
  13. Hey DaveyDavey , Just a reminder.

    That'll be great, mate.
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  14. ? :p
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  15. yeah
    say HELLOOO why dontcha
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  16. If you have a look at the very top right hand corner of the rocker cover just ahead if the spark plug you'll find the perfect place to put a small nuclear device.
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