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Suzuki Boulevard C109R

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Fa1c0n, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. I know i asked about Harleys, specifically the 883c... But ive resolved to not being able to aford a proper harley so im not going to get any harley...

    I had a go on a 750 kawsucky naked today.... And it was so ****ing awesome... But i didnt like the things i did on it, i dont want to die yet.... So im not getting anything that sporty...

    So ive been looking around at jap cruisers.... Which i hate, for no apparent reason... But... The suzuki C109R is ****ing massive....

    I dont like the weird sporty looking Boulevards, but the C series is acceptable... Its the big boy version of my current bike. (Intruder)

    So a few questions:
    1. Anyone Riden one?
    2. Whats the speed like?
    3. Whats it like cruising on one?
    4. Accessorys, is there much?
    5. Modifyability.... Can you do cams, pistons and all that shit, Heavy Breathers and powercommander?
    6. General Opinion (Street Cred) what is it?
    7. Ability to filter/split. Is it possible or is it too big?
  2. Don’t know about the bigger ones, but I have had a quick blat on a C50 of a mate’s. To me it was just a bigger, more powerful and more comfortable version of my Intruder 250. That sort of transition would feel pretty natural to me.
    Personally I like the looks of the “M” range better, but each to their own :)
  3. Love the 109's....just don't have the cash!
  4. I quick check on bikesales shows the 109R and the 883Iron to both be around the same price .
  5. Yeah,
    I can afford an iron, But its a pretend harley and is not very fast...

    Thats why im looking at the suzuki. I figure if im getting a pretend harley either way i might as well get the faster one?
  6. look at the XV1700 Yamaha Road Warrior awesome bike
  7. That pretend Harley your talking about is one of the longest running models around.Must be doing something right.
  8. all depends if you referring to the 883 iron in general that has only been around since 2009. but it is apart of the SPORTSER FAMILY which has been around since 1957.. they 2 had the 883 motors...

    i think falcon was talking about the 883 IRON so its only been around for a few yrs.. just saying
  9. Had a m109r for 4 yrs as my only transport.
    Did commuting, touring, and shopping runs.
    The c109r, i dont think is any wider than the M. I had no trouble splitting on the M.
    The c of g is very low, and helps a lot, low speed manners are very good.
    I had issues with 2nd gear trashing itself, but i believe they redesigned these after 2009.
    Or it could have been that i flogged it everywhere!

    Managed 8000 klms in a week touring, so rest assured the seat is comfortable!
    Would suggest the suzuki is infinitely more reliable than the hardley.
    And the low end torque is grouse.
    But it wont make that potato potato sound, and it doesnt have the badge.
    You might grow out of the 883 quite quickly.
  10. I don't have a problem with non Harley cruisers and I don't have a problem with Suzuki motorbikes in general (I've bought several new ones) but it's my honest opinion that the finish on Suzuki cruisers isn't as good as it is only the other brands of Japanese cruisers.

    The paint and chrome just isn't as good and isn't the main reason one buys a cruiser the appearance?

    The Yamaha XV1700 mentioned earlier in the thread is much better finished for example.
  11. Awesome Reply! Thanks man!

    So... Id be flogging this thing everwhere. I ride hard... I currently feel like im beating a dying horse on my bike now... Its the baby version of the boulevard. The intruder.

    One question.... at any stage on your boulevard, did it feel like the bike quit before you?

    I mean could you ride it as hard as you wanted without disapointment?
  12. BTW - the yamaha XV1900 roadliner looks awesome!

    But its on the pricey side of things?
  13. xv1700 road warrior
  14. Based on the M109. C109 has been discontinued.
    The M109r had a slight better engine. yes there is differences.
    If you prefer the looks of the C109 then spend a few dollars and buy a cobra head light and change it.
    At the end of the day change it to look whatever you like there are plenty of examples around.

    1. Yes I own a M109 for almost 2yrs now
    2. Initially it would rip my arms out of my sockets. It will do 200 clicks in a blink of an eye the question is can you hang on?
    3. Love it, I do 150k's a day 90% highway running in and out of melb chadstone to macedon. There is no way I would own it if I had to constantly do city traffic - heavy clutch would just drive me up the wall.
    4. What ever you like.
    5. I have done engine mounts/all oils/ fuel filters/air/rebuilt clutch/ Havent done values as I am looking for some one to show me (its my first time) but simple put yes to all.
    6. Wicked.
    7. I filter all the time - but I did buy some better boots as couple times I hit some cars.

    Wicked bike luv riding it has plenty of road presence. I have nps throwing it around, don't let anyone tell you otherwise coz of its 240 rear.
    Fuel - it runs 6ltr per 100klms on the highway

    Fried the clutch at 35,000k only coz I was drag racing pocket rockets. (Rebuilt it anyway easy to do not that expensive.)
    2nd gear, hate shitfing up out of first into 2nd it crunches if you don't get it right. but I have spoken to many a rider and many bikes have these hidden gear box issues if you look deep enough.
    The other problem I have is the clutch hub shakes and makes a racket this is a fixable issue but I will live with it for the time being.

    Would I buy one again? I burn threw my bikes every 5 to 6yrs due to the amount of mileage I do.
    If they fix the 2nd gear problem, sure.

    good luck
  15. I had a M109R

    Now I have a roadliner (xv1900a)

    I'm very happy with the Yamaha

    But they are big machines

    I also have a Vespa 300 super, the Vespa rides circles around the biggies, but on the open road the Yamaha is bloody great
  16. the M109R can be pushed very hard, hard enough to catch lazy sportsriders unawares.

    But it will never be a sportbike.

    Was reminded of that last weekend, when I followed a 109 from croydon to sunbury, and had to slow way down to avoid running in to the 109 in front of me whenever we came to a corner.

    I swapped the 109 for a ducati monster in December. Needed a lighter bike due to some health issues. Lets just say it taught me a lot about my riding skills, or lack of, in the first months. Even though I used to scrub the rear on the 109 right up to the sidewall, it just doesnt corner as well as a sports bike.

    but I caused my share of havoc on the reefton, and thru traffic on the 109, and aside from suzuki's crap responses to my transmission problems, would recommend the 109 as a bike to anyone.
  17. Right, So i went and looked at the boulevard today...

    Its a ****ing boat! Lol...

    Perhaps ill look at the harley davidson 48... Save up some cash and get that one....
  18. Back to the other thread then....

    As you were people

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  19. "Its a ****ing boat! Lol..."
    See amongst my mates and myself we found the harley's to feel like riding a bicycle way to small and I am not a huge fella either but hey what ever floats your boat.

    good luck with it.
  20. They ere big'ns. Take some gtting used to.