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suzuki boulevard C109R

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by nuffyboy, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Hi Guy's, waiting for licence to return to me, as anyone in Vic would know and understand with all of our bloody speed camera's that's around.

    What I'm needing to know as I can't test drive for myself for reasons listed above, is that I'm very strongly considering buying a Suzuki Boulevard C109R and what I would dearly love to know from all you people out there, am I making the right decision in buying one or not.........
    Would love to hear all the positives and all the negatives about owning and riding one of these bikes.
    I realise at the end of the day its down to personal preference, but I would dearly love to here what you all have to say about it, my previous ride was the honda vtx 1300... loved it....
    Appreciate all feed back...

  2. There's room in my garage for one pending the lotto gods.

    There's a few on here do a garage search and pm the owners.

    If you want a power cruiser I dont reckon you couldn't go wrong.
    If you're after a trials bike I think there are better options :LOL:
  3. Have not ridden one but are supposed to have more torque than the M, seem to be along the same lines as as the C50, but obviously bigger, which is a beautiful riding and handling bike IMHO.

    Go for it oodles of power.
  4. I have had a m109R for a year and a half. 25000 trouble free klms.

    the C109 motor is retuned. less power up the top, more torque apparently down the bottom.

    Different inlet/exhaust combo.

    However it has plenty of power.
    considering a postie actually has enough power!. We just want more.

    They are a heavy bike - make sure you sit on one - if you cant pick it up, you would be in for some strife.
    The 109 series have a semi dry sump, so the C of G is very low, and low speed riding is a breeze.
    The C109 gets a different wheel/tyre combo as well, but this is one time where they may have done it better than the M in terms of handling.

    Sheet - it is your bike - if you are happy - just do it.
  5. I rode a C109R today and it blew my mind... mind you I've only compared it to a Yamaha XVS1300A, Suzuki M50 and of course my ol' virago.

    So much power, a lil' twist has you at 80kph before you can blink. 120 was a breeze.

    I am about 6'2" and the seating position was perfect. The tank is wide so i was fully straddled against it, but with the floorboards it wasnt a problem. I reckon if you were a bit short it wouldn't be very comfortable because the tank is so wide.

    Bottomed out the floorboards when I first got on it, but after that they didnt touch down (but i was being careful cause it was BRAND new (4kms on the dial)). I dont like the fact that the floorboards take away some lean, but they are really comfy if you're just blasting up a straight run.

    Certainly no way as nimble as the XVS1300, but lots more grunt and felt much more pleasant at 100+ speeds. It was MUCH heavier, and coming off a virago it feels like a tank in comparison. That being said, it is very well balanced and stable. I had no feeling I was ever going to drop it, and pulling up was no problem.

    Wasn't originally considering it, but now it's totally on my list for an RRP of about $17k!
  6. Thanks boy's for all your feedback on this bike, really appreciate it.
  7. G'day Nuffy, I went from aZ9 ninja to my new M50. My biggest bugbear is exactly what you experienced. Whether you have floorboards or pegs, the corner strike is too high to lean in with any significance to corners. It has really changed my riding style when cornering

    Hope all goes well with the purchase mate
  8. Rumour has it that Mat Mladin is gettingone when he retunrs after the AMA series in October. You will be in good company :).
  9. Oh yeah, I've been drooling over one of these babies for a ages. =P~ But, unfortunately I'm only just got my Ls. So be a few more years b efore I can get off the restriction. /jealous all you guys that have one. :tantrum:
  10. All in good time Chris. I'm double your age but don't have a bike twice as good as yours!! :facepalm:
  11. Chris Vermeulan has a M109. I guess he didnt have to pay for it either!.
  12. Next time you're talking to him...........ask him if he has a spare for me!! :eek:hno: :eek:hno: