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Suzuki Boulevard C109R fuel economy

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by nuffyboy, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Can anyone that owns a C109R or a M109R please tell me what sort of fuel economy they are getting from their beast.
    What is the average amount of km's you guys get from a full tank of fuel.

  2. fuel economy

    I normally fill up when the fuel light starts flashing, or about 240klm, whichever is sooner.

    In traffic - riding sensibly (?) - about 240 klm sees about 14litres in the tank on a fillup.

    Around the Dandenongs, where I ride a lot, a spirited ride will see 220 klm for about 15-16 litres.

    On a cruise at 100kmh, this could be 300 klm, for 14 litres.
    If you have extended bursts at much higher speed, back to about 240 per tank, 16 or 17 litres in a fill.

    I have a basically stock bike, except for drilled pipes and K&N filters, TRE.
    Havent worried about it too much - not like you buy a 1800 for the fuel economy!.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Re: fuel economy

    This shits me Peter, one of the reasons for getting an 800 was supposed to be fuel economy.
    Yet we get about the same.
  4. OP is looking at bikes for the wrong reason :LOL:

    In any case the fuel costs is about the smallest cost of owning a bike.
    Any "bike". :wink:
  5. yep!!

    i have no idea what it does.... i fill up when the light starts flashing and pissing me off, ridden calmly it's not bad....

    spin the tyre on every takeoff :demon: haha so awesome and fun to do... shhhh!

    and it's worse than a family hatchback

    but who cares...

    i have the vespa for the economy.... and even that sucks it down when i ride it hard, damn 2t's
  6. Re: fuel economy

    Looks like the M90 is in the same boat. :roll:
  7. I don't think its the cost of the fuel that is the problem, more like how far he can go without having to revert to pushing it.

    I used to worry about fuel economy endlessly, but then realised I stopped every two hours or so for a leg stretch anyway, so have not worried about it since. (mind you, I have been told by other people :wink: that you can go quite a distance in two hours).
  8. Also depends on when you ride.
    If in summer - you need a drink often anyway.
    If in Winter - Hot anything is worthwhile.

    A break every two hours is quite ok on any longer trip.