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Suzuki believes cagers envy us

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Benjamin Button, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Saw an add on TV last night for small Suzuki car. It started with a 'busa rolling through the twisties, moving to a close up of the rider in the helmet. Cue the transformer type special effects and now he is driving the new sedan. The tag line was something like "from the maker of the mighty Hayabusa comes the sporty Kizashi"

    So it appears that Suzuki's focus groups and test marketing has revealed that potential buyers of this car identify with us.

    At first I thought they were just being a bit lazy, and drawing a tenuous performance link between the two vehicles, but the focus on the rider's / driver's face and reactions made it clear that the links were designed to be emotional responses.

    So, will it work? Or is the target market of the small car industry still terrified of us? Will 'busa riders be lining up to buy the new Kizashi?

  2. i can't see anybody that rides a busa buying one of them
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  3. for the OLDER people on here, this commercial will remind them of the Datsan BLUEBIRD.

    the worlds first 4 cylinder LIMOUSINE. in reality it was a datsun 180B with e new body!!!!

    of course it was total WANK.....

    i read reports on the Kisahshi. its middle of the road in the same pack as Mazda 6, Cruze, Camry etc. good but nothign special.
  4. I've no doubt the car's bland. My point was more that I'd never seen a car add draw on emotional links to a motorcycle to sell it.....
  5. I havent checked out the specs of the car but im guessing that it has a bigger engine and less power than the mighty Busa.....................Its like comparing a Lambo to a postie bike.

    Some busa riders might drive the car.............a car is just another cage for most riders.
  6. You make an interesting point. The target demographic for the car must, in Suzi's eyes, crave performance or at least the ability to go fast and have fun whilst still being in an affordable car.

    I think a proportion of cagers do envy some aspects of being on a bike some of the time. I see blokes eyeing off the XVS with the loud pipes whilst they're stuck in a station wagon with the rugrats. Being on a bike signifies not being surrounded by dependents. Freedom. Certainly did for me when i had youngsters. Craved a ute so i could only have to take one at a time.
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  8. ^

    Well there's your problem right there.
    If you don't look they'll go away. :)
  9. What???

    I'm not denegrating the ad or the car. I'm merely pointing out that it was unusual decision by Suzuki to chose an emotional connection with riding a motorcycle in order to sell a car. I've never seen that before.

    I'm interested in others opinions on this strategy as it seems to contradict many sterotypes held by drivers toward bikes and their riders.

    Then again, perhaps I shouldn't respond to your post, and then maybe you'll go away.
  10. [​IMG]

    Whoops... too late

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  11. I think they're trying to market the car to guys and they're using a variation on the old 'use the sports model to sell the day to day driver model' technique.

    Holden do something similar with the Sports V8 models when the market the SV6 (a model that they sell many many more of than they ever will V8 versions).

    If you can get a potential buyer to buy into the whole emotional feel of the more appealing model then you're already half way there to selling the more pedestrian boring model that the person needs and has to realistically buy.

    It lets Joe Ordinary feel good about buying this particular white goods on wheels...
  12. I like the ad, whiuch means in my mind it must be good. The car isn't my genre so the ad is wasted on me, but here we all are talking about it...interesting. Personally I don't think envy is the motivator here, I think it's awe. I'm sure the millions of people who watch Motorcycle racing are not all bikers, they watch because they are in awe of what those guys can do on a bike.
  13. Come on guys..time to take your reality pills.
    It's a television advertisment...let's not read too much into it.
  14. I saw an ad for the new Camry the other night, it shows a Camry overtaking some sport bikes.

    What happened to 'truth in advertising'.
  15. Dull alternative.
  16. But someone might get the wrong idea and start making it just a little harder for us, you know 'THEY' are watching.
  17. I think you are underestimating the amount of energy that car retailers/manufacturers put into their marketing.

    You just have to look and Ford and Holden in Australia. Holden put a lot of effort into marketing their image and Ford do a pretty poor job of theirs. The result can be seen in sales.

    As to the Suzuki add, I think Suzuki are playing off their strengths. They know the 'Busa is the one prestige product they have that car buyers can put their finger on. As a bike rider, you may or may not be a fan of the 'Busa, but you are not the target audience.

    For a car driver Suzuki make one of the fastest road vehicles on the planet. This ad is trying to rub some of that prestige off onto this product.

    How many people buy a 316 because BMW sell the m5?

    How many people buy a v6 asmatech dunnidore because HSV make a 3 million kilawasp whatever?

    It's part of human nature to want to be associated with someone we aspire too. It is a very strong marketing tool.
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  18. I've no doubt Suzuki invest significant resources and capital into their high cost / low volume products.

    The sucess of these products can often be predicated on their marketing campaigns.

    Clearly the manufacturer has read a lot into it's decision to use a motorbike to sell its car, otherwise it would not have invested a signifcant amount into producing and airing the TV commercial.

    But thank you for your thoughfull observation.
  19. I find the ad very interesting, aside from its obvious technological wizardry. I know for a fact that one Harold Scruby scrutinises every single TV ad for motor vehicles and regularly fires off a complaint about them to have them banned. His bĂȘte noir is any hint of performance/speed. By subconsciously linking (whether true or not) the car's performance to the Busa's, they have circumvented this odious little man. Think Busa = think performance = think Kizashi.
  20. Good point.

    And in the absence of a high performance Suzuki car to link too, they chose the 'busa as their engineering and performance benchmark.

    I still wonder whether that's a huge risk asking the target market to identify with, or aspire to a biker? Perhaps it would have been safer ground to feature cup holders, ipod connectivity and a gaggle of beautiful 20 somethings with perfect teeth, luxuriating in life one can only experience in a Kazashi.