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Suzuki Bandit

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nicka, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. No i'm not reviewing one but i would love to hear some reviews from owners or previous owners of as many models as possible.

    I am looking at upgrading my old GSX1100 to a Bandit so i can spend more time riding it than fixing it like i do my current bike and also a bit of wind protection would be good.

    I have always stuck with Suzuki's for some reason and i my preference is with a sports/tourer and i like the look of the Bandits with just a half fairing and i hear they work pretty well.

    So could anyone give me some info and maybe for and against for any year releases.

    I read the current model has a lot of improvements but i don't plan to buy new and maybe one with just a couple of years on it.

  2. I current'y ride a 2006 K6 Bandit and I used to have a 1996 model.

    Basically there are 3 generations of Bandits (4 shortly).

    The first 1996 to about 2000?
    The basic bits are all there but the handling is a bit ordinary and the headlight is weak.

    The second about 2000 to 2005?
    Much improved handling, better seat, styling isn't as nice as the first version but the handling is better and the headlight is dual (improved but not great). New frame.

    The third version 2006-2007.
    Handling improved again (longer swingarm, thicker forks and detail changes) and a new frame.
    Headlight has better penetration. Styling is leaner and more modern. Seat height is adjustable. Limiting factor is the old tech air/oil cooled motor which works well but is (by todays standards) somewhat harsh and buzzy.

    The coming fourth version (late 2007-?)
    Altered version of the 3rd version frame with same layout but thicker tubes in some locations. Same styling. Stiffened suspension for better handling, but slightly worse ride quality.
    Big change is the completely new liquid cooled motor with similar power but 40% more torque, motor is said to be very smooth and modern feeling.

    I suppose the quick summary of all that is all bikes are great value for money and will handle most uses but the more recent the version the better the bike.

    There are some very good deals going on K6's at the moment!
  3. Thanks heaps :grin:

    Thats just what i was after as i was looking around the 2000 models so now i know to keep it in the second genreation models.

    I do very very little night riding so the headlights not a real concern but the better seat and handling is what i like to hear.