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suzuki bandit slingshot

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by BuckNasty, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Im looking at purchasing me first bike real soon and although i fancy the vtr 250, they are a bit pricey so i have my eyes on the slingshot (suzuki gsf 250). most i have seen are grey imports so im wondering if there is problems associated with them... anything from someone more enlightened to advice me before i plunge head first?

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  3. dude but the VYT250, u wont regret it.
    im on my 3rd :grin:
  4. Hey Nibs is the V'y'T250 the new joint venture between holden and honda? :LOL:

    I have a Bandit and consider it a great choice as a first bike, but there are many others.
  5. being an inline four the torque delivery is is a bit later in the revs. They are a solid enough bike; the front end suspension is a little soft, and they don't brake as well as a bike with twin discs on the front.

    If you bin it (as my mate who owns one did) parts cost quite a bit, and it takes ages for suzuki japan to get back with a quote on part prices, because apparently it has different components than the other bikes (levers, mirrors, exhaust etc)

    Would I buy one? No.

    But I prefer sport bikes.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, I reckon vtr250 will be the way to go even though that's gonna punch a huge hole in my pockets. I'm always checking on the bikesales website and all the cheap ones have been sold. if anyone is selling one (vtr250), I'm interested. Otherwise I might seriously consider the Honda spada.
  7. I've never heard of a problem with the bandit.

    Does anybody know:
    a) if the 400 can be imported/registered
    b) if it qualifies for LAMS in any states?
  8. There are a billion bikes that qualify but I doubt if an individual can get one listed.
    I even think VicRoads have stated the list is the list and that's it. NSW could be a bit more liberal.
  9. They are generally decent reliable bikes,

    The frame/chassis I believe is shared with the 400, so it is big and a little on the heavy side for a 250.

    Being an inline 4 they have very (smooth) flat power delivery below 8000rpm, you need to work them hard if you want to go anywhere quickly.

    The engine is related to the 4cyl you'd find in the across and has proven pretty reliable, I've ridden one with over 60,000km on it and (engine wise) it rode like new, pulled hard (ish), no smoke, top end noise etc etc

    They seem to handle ok, nice solid progressive feel, as mentioned maybe a little soft at the front but not really out of the ordinary on this kinda bike.

    Massive fuel tank for a 250, 18lt i think, with a fuel gauge

    If you are also thinking of a Spada, the Bandit vs Spada are like chalk and cheese quite different bikes to ride.

    Spada is more agile, lighter, has better power down low and is maybe a fraction slower top-end, has a tiny fuel tank (11lt), lower seat height.

    The Bandit is probably better experience for a larger bike later on, as it is wider, larger, a bit more solid (though not really any more stable) on the road than the Spada.

    The Bandit is a younger bike, that you are more likely to find in better condition than a Spada these days.
  10. Thanks D2 for the detailed info, after consulting my 2 advisers, Mr Brain and Mr Bank It made more sense to go for the bandit. Got one last weekend and been putting some miles on it. Got nothing but praises for the bugger and will recommend it to any learner. Easy to ride, feels and looks solid and looks meaner than a rabid pit bull.
  11. i had a bandit 250 for my first bike.

    it was fantastic, never had problems with getting parts for servicing it, etc.

    find one in good mechanical condition, and it wont let you down.

    ignore all the grey import knockers, 90% of them haven't owned an import.
  12. On your third!? well that installs confidence.... :p