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Suzuki Bandit 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. All,

    Does anyone have any experience regarding these bikes? I must admit I love the look of them and the performance seems quite nice as well.

    Such as, are they all grey imports, what are parts like etc?
  2. IMHO, they are a great first bike. Being a naked bike, insurance is less and in the event of a crash, you don't have to worry about the $700 fairing that is now in a million bits.

    Depending on your budget you should be able to pick up a tidy bike for about 3.5k Stay clear of sumoto if you can.

    There are two main types, the GJ74A model (early nineties to 95 I think) and the GJ77A model 96 - present. All models up to 1999 are gray imports in Aus. The GJ77A model comes with optional variable exhaust valve timing to boost midrange. You can tell these models by the red cam cover and the distinctive noise when 10,000 rpm is hit. Try and get the GJ77A if you can. They are lighter, faster and handle better than the earlier models.

    You'll find most bike wreckers can source the part your after in a few days.
  3. They are a good little bike, IMHO.
    Goes well for a little 250 multi'.
    If you like that style of bike (like I do!) go and check out the little Honda Hornet 250. Personally I think they look better than the Bandit 250.
  4. I started out on the earlier model bandit 250 (non vtec), great bike at a realistic price.

    I'm doubtful whether the later vtec model is any faster, it has a much lower redline than the earlier model. Mine never had any problems, although because of the high redline of the early model, they should be given fresh oil and filters every 4-5000km's.

    The newer model will most likely have fresher suspension than the older model, and if you're heavy the suspension can sag quite badly as on any older 250. A fork oil change will cure most of this.

    They're quite top heavy for a 250, and can catch you out when doing u-turns, etc, but overall very easy to ride, and a riding position that's a great compromise between commuting and sports.

    Unlike the hornet and vtr250, they have clip on handlebars (not 1 piece), so it feels a little sportier IMO. Nice styling, and although not as plentiful in wreckers like some other models, you can still get new parts for the imported/early versions.

    If you're thinking of getting a later model (vtec), be aware that there are also imported ones of these being sold alongside local released models. No big deal , and no difference, but sometimes with grey imports the local bikes can command a higher sale price.

    All bandit 250 models are much better value than the hornet 250's IMO.
  5. I had the Suzuki Bandit 1995, though mine didn't have clip-ons. Perhaps that was on the Australian import.

    Anyway, all the personal advice I can give is that it's great value, especially compared to the VTR and Hornet. If you get a good one you'll keep it for three years. If you get a lemon you're better off throwing it in a ditch.

    Watch out for subtle differences between Australian and import versions, especially the parts. Also make sure that there's a dealer nearby who'll stock the general maintenance parts.
  6. My whoops. Only the earlier model (non vtec) had clip on bars. All later versions had 1 piece.
  7. I had a bandit (vtec) and loved riding it.

    I agree the Hornet does look better but if you plan on upgrading soon after your restrictions are finished its not worth investing in the Hornet.. Put the money your save getting the bandit into better gear or leave it in the bank ready for your upgrade bike..

    The bandit will keep up pretty well most of the sportier 250's and handles pretty well too..

    Word of warning they are pretty thirsty for a 250. If you ride it hard you will be lucky to see 200km to resv. if you cruise around or are on the freeway you can stretch it to 250km..

    If you like the Bandit you should also consider the Kawasaki Balius.. Not many of they around and I would have purchased a Balius if I could have found one when I was looking for my 250..

  8. In terms of outright performance there's not much difference between the later model Bandits and the earlier examples - the variable exhaust just gives them a little more grunt at low rpm (that and the straight bars does make them much better for low speed riding). They were sold here officially as the GSF250V in '99 and 2000, all had variable exhaust. They're definately a good choice, they'll easily keep up with any other 4-stroke 250 yet they're cheap to buy and reliable. Parts shouldn't be a problem - most (if not all) parts are the same between the Aus delivered and grey import versions and are easy to find - oil filters are unique to the 250 Bandit/Katana engine but I've had no trouble finding them, most other parts are straight from the Suzuki parts bin (ie suit several models).
  9. Do they still sell them new?
  10. no.. 2000 was the last time they were sold by Suzuki Australia..
  11. Bugger.

    Thanks anyways :)
  12. Why the Balius? I've heard very little about this bike is all. but I do like Kwakas
  13. The balius is also a 4-cylinder naked 250. It was a local release but there are grey imports of thse being sold also.
  14. Both the bandit and the balius have very very similar looks.. The Balius felt better and was a more polished bike.. When I was looking I only found 1 Balius and it was out of my price range.. Didnt really phase me as I only ever wanted a solid bike to learn on with no plans to keep it past my restricted period.. Believe the Balius will probably shade the Bandit in performance but not by much ..
  15. I loved my 2000 bandit 2fiddy, you wont get 250k's on the freeway tho, more like 180k's due them revving at about 9thou @ 100kph
    It aint a variable exhaust neither, its VVT (variable valve timing) sounds like a loud rattle when it kicks in which is scary the first time you ride it and you think you broke somthing ;)
  16. I haven’t had any problems with my Bandit (non vtec) at all and would recommend for a first bike... What I love about is that I have twice dropped it (once at speed) and have done nothing but put a few marks on the can. :grin: It is a lot larger than some of the other 250’s so I don’t feel as cramped as I did when riding a mates 250rr. I picked mine up with 53,000 (although it is a grey import) for 3.4 which left a lot more money for the upgrade Im looking at shortly :twisted: