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Suzuki Bandit 250 Fuel Economy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by captainmorgan, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Can someone please tell me what the fuel condumption is like on a bandit 250, and how big is the tank?

  2. Fuel consumption roughly the same as the Across (Same Engine I believe).

    Across' are known for being a bit thirsty.
  3. Scottatron said:
    Nope, similar engine to the GSXR250. Much more complex then the bandit. Also only has a 12L tank due to the manbag compartment :LOL:

    Fuel consumption for my bandit (1993-GJ74A) is about 6.3L/100km

    They are pretty thirsty little bikes but it really depends on how you ride them. I do a lot of city traffic commuting and bursts up mountains so my fuel economy is totally crap.

    The tank capacity is about 15L including reserve. (3L reserve)

    I've never really run mine right down, only to reserve and then its off to a servo.
  4. Yep Bandit has an engine developed from the GSXR motor with 4 carbs, Across uses the slightly different GS250FWS engine with 2 carbs. You should definately expect something around the 5-6L per 100km mark - which seems to be about normal for 4-cylinder 250s.
  5. My experience is similar to blue-muppet. Same engine, mainly freeway commuting and 6.5litres/100kms. About 170 kms to reserve, though I don't test it too often

  6. Thanks for the info.