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Suzuki Bandit - 1250 '07 model (Update)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thetramp64, May 21, 2007.

  1. Ok. I may end up updating this as time goes by.

    Traded the old VL800 Suzuki in Friday. For anyone interested there's more on that under the "Dealers" thread.

    Allowing that it's got 200km on it, here goes. First impressions.

    Its a lot taller than the VL, and for a short(ish) rider (or pillion) I can see it could be an issue. For me, at 6ft its not, but it is an observation.

    The seat is "harder" than the VL, but not that bad. I don't like the seat surface that much, but its a minor dislike, (The seat has a slightly "textured" finish). Possibly a sheepskin to come, not sure yet. I do notice that under heavy brakes you slide into the tank. :? There is also a severe lack of carry space under the seat!

    Brakes. Wow. The thing stops like you have hit a wall. In fact at slow speed they are a tiny bit too "stoppy", but this could be my inexperience / lack of pratice. At reasonable / silly speeds it stops well and dead straight!

    Power. The 4cyl 1250 cc motor is a gem. This thing could be seriously dangerous in the wrong hands!
    My only gripe (and it could be inexperience again) is that the fuel injection is either "on" or "off". And there is bugger all motor braking compared to the VL. Having said that, it pulls like a scared freight train at any speed.

    Cornering is scary. Once again I'm getting used to riding a sporty(er) bike again. But this thing goes round bendy bits like its on rails! You actually find yourself looking at the speedo going "f$cK me!" after a corner.

    All in all, I love it!

    Update: 28/05
    The fuel injection still appears a little "edgy", and it also seems to be very dependant on the fuel used. Its going in for the 100km service soon more then.

    Update 31/05.
    Adjusted up the front preload (2 notches). Easy as, and the handling / braking is 150% better in my opinion, especially 2 up!
    The first Service is booked in. At this time I'll also get the Rack fitted and some minor brake lever adjustments etc done.
    According to the worshop Mgr at A1 they adjust the EFI unit at 1st Service. He reckons the bike will perform much better after this and it's quite common. Aside from that, damn I love this thing. :cool:

  2. This on-off injection thing is something BIKE magazine have been complaining about a lot with the new Yamahas, and they got a device from the states that cures the problem completely. Apparently it's caused by the injectors being shut off completely when the throttle is closed, and the intake tracts are 'dry' when you crack the throttle and it takes time to re-establish fueling. They said they don't know what's inside the device, but it does work.

    One of the guys down here was hanging out for the new Bandit, but he bought a BMW cos he couldn't wait :LOL:.
  3. Oddly enough, the guys at BiKE praised the Bandit's fuel injection as not having the abrupt qualities of a lot of other injected bikes'!

    I sat on a Bandit 1250 last week, and thought the seat wasn't all that comfortable. But the bike fit me very nicely, and I reckon you could put some serious miles under your belt on one.

    Here comes the most important question - what colour is yours, tramp? :LOL:

    Congratulations, btw!
  4. The fuel injection appears to be getting better.
    Now this could be:
    (i) I'm getting used to it;
    (ii) the bike is "settling in" and loosening up in general. Not sure.
    Its the dark blue(ish) colour.

    Seat the jury is still out on. Long distnace I agree, I'm probably doing a run to Echuca in the next two weeks. Ride report will be appended.
    Hornet any details on that article / issue? I'll order one.
  5. Wasn't you this morning playing tag with a Hyosung rider towards the city? Anyway it was a nice looking bike, hard choice between that and the CBR1300.
  6. Yep t'was me. Bugger beat me too a couple of times... :p
    Tried both actually. I found this was the same bike for about $1000 (or so) less.
    Very very similar to ride.

    Assuming you are the Hyosung??
  7. you mean CB1300 mate :)

    yeah the bandit does look good, interesting to hear about the throttle though - however I hear that quite a bit about injected bikes. some people love it, some prefer carbies.

    I'm a carbie girl.
  8. Yep :wink: twas fun
  9. I'm a carbie girl, in a carbie world! Sorry for the Aqua reference.

    I too like carbies, no reason just cause I understand them I suppose.