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Suzuki B-King 1300...??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by martych, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Anyone seen one of these in the flesh yet ? Ridden one ? They look fantastic in the photos....or is that just me being a Suzuki Sympathiser ?

  2. The look tough until you sight the rear of them.

    The rear looks as stupid as you would expect from suz.....from suzu.....oh you know :p
  3. Got a test ride booked for middle of this month. Release date if Oct 15th.

    It may make it too my collection!

    Not sure on the price, but probably below $20k.
  4. According to Suzi's website it's priced at $18990. Pretty expensive me thinks but then again, it is a thing of beauty.

    Could this be Suzuki's answer to Yammy's fantastic MT01 ?
  5. It looks way better with normal cans like this:

  6. I want one. I love the look of them thats why I bought the GSR 600. I will enquire with Raceway on thursday about a test ride.
  7. MT-01? Yer off ya chops. That's an 1800cc gorgeous twin grunt-machine. This is a 180hp inline 4 brute, and an eye bleeder.
  8. Honestly, I thought the 'Busa and ZX-14 were ugly, but the B-King blows 'em both out of the water! Saw it at the Expo and just about fell over from laughing so hard. It looks like Optimus Prime's love child. Aftermarket cans might make the back look better (still fugly, but better), but nothing is going to fix that front.
  9. MT-01, what a crock. The biggest toothless tiger in existance.

    At least this baby, with an adaptive ECU restores the tuning to the brand new Busa 1350cc engines capabilities.
  10. Yes, well the Busa engine is I suppose something to be excited about, but the whole thing just looks too big and bulky to be fun.

    I'll try to get a ride on one, one of these days, and see how it goes.
  11. I must admit, I kinda like the look of it :bolt:

    It's supposed to be ugly, and it does that so well it almost makes it beautiful.
  12. It does it so well, it's a flamin' SUPERMODEL! :LOL:
  13. meh ill have one lol
    as for ugly??... who cares
    you know everyone you pass will look at it in awe anyways lol
    plus you got enough power to beat most things of the lights....
    probably neally anything actually haha :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Better interpretation of the look on my face would be that B-King is like those tricked up cars with shiny wheels, giant spoilers and fake fur interiors going doof-doof as they pass: instant winner of "I thought I was cool but I look like a tool" award.
  15. There is something I like about it too. I don't know if I would own one but I think it's a tough looking thing. Only problem I am having is trying to work out who they are targeting it at? Is it meant for big tough ugly people or is it for those who can't ride and want to compensate for other things?
  16. :LOL: I reckon you're spot on there.
  17. I don't mind it. Looks phat. I'd have one regardless of the size of any of my appendages. :p
  18. Fat, more like it... they call it Burger King, you know. But I might be a bit too harsh; it might not be beyond saving. It already looks better with more conventional aftermarket pipes, changing the headlight to something smaller and less over the top would help a lot too. Of course the bike would still be kind of large, but with Hayabusa engine, it can afford to be.

    In any case if Yamaha ever puts their 'new' V-Max into production, it looks set to be the next King of Suburban Cool. I think the delay with V-Max is caused by them still working out how to attach fluffy dice for the most effect.
  19. Targeting people who like the latest in toys dude. This is pretty much engineering at its best.

    If you have the coin to afford playing! :LOL:
  20. I reckon they stuffed it up.
    The concept bike looked much better, bigger rear tyre, and the B which means Boost (Boost King) meant 240 bhp, much more than the 180 or so now, they wussed out.