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Suzuki B-King 1300, so dissapointed..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Coopz, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Spent 6 months looking forward to this bike coming out and yesterday I headed to the local Suzi dealer ready to take one for a test ride. Sitting there, big, mean and funky looking. Dealer fires it up, I jump on and then realise...I can't ride this f--king thing. Petrol tank is to dam close to the seat, I couldn't tuck my legs in, change gear properly or use the rear brake. I asked if the pegs were ajustable but alas no..
    I'm tall at 6'3 and 90kg but even the little GSXr600 offers a ton more leg room than this.

    The salesman said I was the 3rd rider in as many days to comment on its badly designed frame. I mean Suzuki make some excellent bikes for big blokes, the Bandit, the GSX1400 and the new 1900 monstrosity cruiser thing, but it appears no one over the heigt on 5 foot nothng bothered to test ride it.

    Just strange they bring this bike out with a massive engine, huge frame, big wheelbase yet bugger all room on it.
    Very dissapointed.

  2. Bad luck mate. If size doesnt matter try on a Bandit 1250 :wink:
  3. I would have though they would have tried to cater for everyone, because they would need as broad a market as they can get for this machine.

  4. Agree that it is strange ... would have thought the same - big bike, cater for big people. Although, I'm not really a fan of the big exhausts that this beast has ...
  5. hmmm...
    im not really in any place to talk since my cbr250rr currently has a fat black and yellow L plate on it, but i still look and read up on bigger bikes, and i stumbled upon this machine.
    it appears cool, but in actual fact they seem closer to a hunk of junk.
    in the pictures it looks like a beasty bike, but in real life it just looks fat.
    if you tried to weave in and out of traffic you would be kidding yourself and it guzzles fuel like theres no tomorrow. The feller in the shop reckons those new busa's (as well as the b-king) drink like they have a bottomless stomach. A trip around suburban streets for about an hour cost him half a tank. Bit pricey eh?

    oh well... everyone has their owns thoughts, and at first i thought it was awesome, now im not so sure, especially when you talk about the leg room factor. what a pain in the arse hey
  6. ...and to top it off, it only has a 16.5l fuel tank size. For such a HUGE and WIDE tank, you'd think that they could've fit more than 16.5l of fuel space in that expanse, but no. Apparently they need refueling around every 160-180kms without even being particularly spirited in your riding.

    I kinda liked the concept at first, but the actual final implementation seems to be flawed.
  7. Fuel economy should be good for at least 250m seen the Heyabusa can get 350+ out of a tank with hentle throttle control.

    Also agree the tank is kinda pissy, must house all the electrics..
  8. 16.5 :shock: My 250 has more tank room than that.... Wouldn't want to take that outside of any major towns....
  9. Mate if I took a busa for a spin, even I would manage to use half the tank in an hour, no matter where I took it. Its a busa, as if you wouldn't open it up every 3 seconds?! From what I hear, the busas aren't too bad on juice (I mean, not as bad as you'd expect from a 1.3L bike) - which would make sense as the power is fairly detuned..
  10. Friend avereged 350k on his, but then again he was getting over 10k out of his back tyre...
    Another mate with a ZX12R once got 500k out of his :shock:
  11. So Suzuki has brought out a scooter equivalent for short people - great for little commuting trips, but a pain in the ass for a longer ride!!!

    But did it turn into a Transformer?? :grin: