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Suzuki announce bandit 1250 touring

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Looks sweet as. If the pricing structure is similar to the 1250s it should be a relative bargain. :cool:
  2. Dont get to excited folks. As sweet as it is the article is from the UK and they import different spec bikes.

    Until Suzuki Aust announce anything you will only have access to the bikes imported here. Nothing wrong with them though they just need to import more!
  3. well Im still waiting for the standard bandit to come in at my local dealer so i wont be holding my breath for the tourer....dam i want to get on one of these bandits i hear so many good things about them and it is a major contender for my next bike if only i could find a demo to ride...... :mad:
  4. True, I asked about one (normal model), but there dosen't seem to be any in the country at the moment! :cry:
  5. Suzuki are having trouble keeping up with the demand... if they could then the bike would be a bit further up the sales charts than it is.
  6. Mate see if you can et a ride on a late B1200 as close to stock as you can. If you like that you will love the 1250.

    At least you will get an indication of the ride position.

    Failing that work out a deal and put down a deposit and wait for the next container. :mad:

    1500K and getting better all the time here :LOL:
  7. Yeah think i will have to do that two-wheels but aint the two very different???........i just want one now it seems to fit all the categories for my next bike now for a test ride...ill go down to peter Steven's this weekend and see what they have to say about the next shipment...
  8. Evidently not Loz.
  9. As a test to see if you fit they are close enough :grin:
    1250's handle better and vibrate less and of couse fuel much cleaner, have more torque with the same HP and a 6 speed box.
    If you like an older one the newer one will be better.

    Hard to believe they are still in short supply :(
    C'mon Suzuki you're loosing sales :?
  10. Yeah I'm looking around for a 1250. Not real easy to come by, plenty of older 1200's but. Very reasonably priced too.
  11. Just the fairing lower would be a welcome addition.
    Suzuki in Australia have Givi panniers and top boxes as accessories on various models, so there would be no problem building up your own version of the Bandit GT.
  12. After waiting 5 months for the luggage for my bandit. Today i tried to fit it and it seems the top box frame does not even fit the bike even though my bandit is nice to ride suzuki has lost any future potential sales to me they did not even offer anything to sweeten the long wait for the luggage very poor cutomer service from suzuki in my opinion.
  13. Last time I was at Mick Hone Suzuki in Box Hill they had a demo there.

  14. which dealer are you going to ???