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Suzuki Across

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by josh_182, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm looking around for my first bike and have about $7000 to spend on a bike, gear, rego and insurance. I live in Tassie so it's hard to find any decent 250 road bikes, there isn't a lot around at all :(. I rang a bike shop around the corner from my work and they only have a 1996 Suzuki Across with 37,000Km's on it for $4900, is this a bit pricey for this bike, and should I try and get them to throw a jacket helmet and gloves for this price? I want something a bit sportier like a CBR or a ZX2R but down here in Tassie there just isn't enough of them. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies. Josh.

  2. I know of a 99 Across with 4406km on it going for $4400. Had recent service also.
  3. Have a look at the 'Red Book' to give you an idea of prices. It's a general purpose guide that dealers use when buying / trading in etc,.

    A 1996 Across (according to the Red Book) is between $3800-4600, By all accounts, they're an excellent bike.
  4. This forum has a great deal of information on the Across, and the folk there are very helpful.

    My 1998 Across was a great little bike, I've no reservations in recommending them. :)
  5. i wouldn't pay that much for an across.
    If ur search this forum ull find info about exemptions scheme in tasii which basicly grant permision to ride most bikes that are LAM in NSW. 250CC plusses in there. U should coniseder something from interstate 250cc bikes in australia are ridiculously overpriced.

    For that price u can pick up an almost new hoyssung GT250 or if u can get approved for the scheme a much better bike like a GS500

    Dont buy cuase its the only one in town