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Suzuki Across

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jimi, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. Anyone who knows me from my past posts will know I am totally new to the whole bike thing. I don't even have a bike yet (hopefully to change soon :?: )

    Anyway, the reason for this post is simply...

    Why dos everyone bag the Across? I have been looking a bikes at the shops and I can't see whats wrong with them, even to the point that I may even buy one. Is it just a big joke or does the bike actually suck? :?

    I want your thoughts people! :shock:
  2. ... it's got a hand-bag where the tank should be ... do you really need to say anything else?
  3. In my line of work I will sometimes need that space though, I have to deliver brochures etc to stores, that space is perfect for that sort of thing...

    So sorry Fixed, that didn't help deter me...
  4. All kinds of bikes get "negative" views from people - as it has been said to me numerous times in the industry I'm working in, "If you're doing something right, people will be talking about you & putting you down".
    Also, everyone has their own ideas as to what may be a Good or Bad point - what is important to one person, may mean nothing to someone else.

    The BAD points about the Across:

    Small Fuel Tank - depending on the bike, rider, etc. this means you will not get far before you have to re-fill (don't agree - I can get over 200 km's before refilling, without even having the "red" light come on)

    Expensive to service - I don't think this is exclusive to the Across, but a bike with Fairings will cost you more for servicing than a bike without Fairings (not an issue if you do the servicing yourself)

    The GOOD points about the Across:

    Has the Helmet storage space (glovebox).

    Can easily maintain highway speeds.

    Not too light as to get thrown around in the wind.

    Each to their own possible opinions:

    Poor fuel economy (don't agree - I usually average at least 22 km's to the litre)

    Uncomfortable seat on long trips (don't agree - I've ridden my bike for more than 6 hours in one day, without feeling uncomfortable)

    Heavy (don't agree - the weight makes it easier for when you upgrade to a bigger bike)

    Needs too much "revving" to be ridden properly (don't agree - you can ride the bike however you feel comfortable)

    [edited to add my own opinion]
  5. I would really like to help you out by telling you that it's a good choice. I can't. The reason being that if I did I would never live it down and I would have to leave the site never to return for fear of stoning. Apart from that it just aint true. Better to look at who owns one. Groberts. Enough said really. Oh and Flipper too. :p


    P.s. If you find a bike that is right for you then get it. Enjoy your choice for the reasons that suit you and then move on to enjoy the wonders of motorcycling. :) Good Luck!!
  6. What are the similar bikes out there?

    I am a big guy, thats why the across is appealing. I actually prefer the naked bikes but liked the size of the across and the storage.

    anyone else have a comment about the Across? Positives/Negatives etc...?
  7. Ok then, it has a boot becuase it has no fuel tank. The tank is tiny and has a very low range (160 km's) for a 250. If ya need storage space then put a Gearsack or a Hallmark pack rack on ya bike. Then you are not restricted to travell.

    I always here the Across riders whinging when thinking of going for on an organised ride, *I ride an Across, where will the refueling stops be*.

    It also has a low voltage plug on it so you can connect ya hairdryer to it. The boot opens up to a fully compartmentalised beauty kit, these things may be something you were looking for in a bike.

  8. For a larger or taller guy the Across does make sense. My brother in law had one and he is about 6ft and a solid guy. The VTR250 is an awesome learner bike (naked) but may be a little small for you. Sit on one and see. The best thing you can do is jump on as many different bikes as you can. See what feels right. To start with outright performance and "STOPPIE" potential should not be the issue. A comfortable ride that lets you LEARN is the key.

  9. I'm just over 6' and ride a 98 Honda CBRR 250.

    About the same size, better range and a bit quicker too.

    Plus I can ride all day and not feel like my bum is going to drop off when I stand up.
  10. I posted in the New Riders section for tips on what sort of bikes to look for, and I have sat on many at the shops. Just as a reminder of that post: I am 6'5 and 112kg, but much of my height is in my upper body.

    I was after more comments about the Across as this is one bike I was interested in.

    Does anyone have any stories or other comments about this bike?
  11. My brother in law rode one from day one til his restrictions were up when he passed it on to my sister who did the same. They both enjoyed the bike and actually found the transition to a larger bike fairly easy. Maybe this is an advantage of a larger 250. I rode the bike on many occasions (I am really putting myself in the shit here) and found the bike to be pretty capable (this is hurting me). Get a good example and you should do well.

  12. Jimi, I ride a Ducati. Cafe racer is the thing I hear most often. I'll be damned if I'm going to fit to anybody's expectation of what a Ducati is/does or what a Ducati owner rides like/does in their free time/where they ride their bike. I bought mine as a commuter when I was 25 (never mind that I'm a girl) and working at McDonald's.....now tell me what that box is that I fit into??!!

    Don't worry about what people say...if it suits you and that's what you want, then go for it!!!!!

    The Across is a good bike and the convenience is even better. Just the same as a Ducati is an excellent bike.......yes even on the open road!!!!....

    It's like buying a car. If you want a 4wd for bushbashing or a wagon or ute for the convenience, make the decision based on what suits you!

    I think most of the people here just have a go at the Across cos it gets a reaction...

    :D :D :D
  13. Jimi Jimi Jimi, don't listen to the codswollop that has been rambled on thru this thread (and lots of other threads too :roll: ) The across is a great bike, I have had mine for nearly 3 years and havent had a problem.
    I do all the minor servicing myself.
    I get 200 KM out of a tank (more than some of the bigger bikes)
    My seat is comfy, I have ridden 1000km in a day.
    Best of all is the boot, you can store your helmet in there, it will even fit a safeway bag with 18 Carlton Cold stubbies PLUS ice in it.

    The Across gets bagged on the forums but its all fun and in jest :)
  14. I had an Across as a Learner bike.
    At 6ft 1 it is a great bike for you,
    Don't listen to the shit that has been posted, go with what you like and stuff the rest of them. As long as you are riding who really care what you ride. Enjoy yourself and enjoy the ride.[/quote]
  15. Only complaints i had about my across was for long rides the seat feels like a rock
    short rides its fine
    but it seriously got to the point where i just HAD to take a break or sit my ass on the rear of the seat (where the pillion would sit), awkward as shit but i just HAD to

    also they are pretty heavy for a 250 but most of that weight is low and centred so cornering does not suffer as much as youd expect however u do have to rev it to keep it flowing.

    dont worry about buying the highest power 250 cause regardless of ANY 250 u get your gonna get bored of the power after a month or 2 anyway, so get something comfy, cheap etc so u can get rid of it and upgrade.

    and the paying out the across thing is just people messing around, i even pay it out

    real riders understand the concept of each to their own

  16. I dont see the downside to owning an Across.
    Not sure what it revs to (i kind of like how my cbr250rr went to 19 grand) but as far as riding bikes go, its all bout riding bikes yeah?

    If I saw an Across that was a good deal, I'd buy it. And Im a poser, so enough said!

    *struts off*
  17. 16 and a half
    I'll work on it :wink:
  18. it all depends what you want the bike for too.
    but as i said in a previous post , there was a magazine for new riders it had a "L" on the cover , it comes out everynow and then , they test bikes , gear etc and a couple of motormags have done a 250 shoot out for what they call the "best learners bike"
    in both those i read the across was second and equal first in the other .
    the quote that i remember from the magazine rider was " the across are nearly bullet proof they can put up with the punishment that a learner can dish out , only like a learner can "
    each time they do it they come up with the same things

    forgiving bike
    weight (for upgrading later on)
    helmet storage
    size and visability

    cons fuel consumption
    weight (some learners dont like the extra 30kgs it has on the ZZR)
    more than enough horsepower to get a learner in trouble ( silver motor 43hp , black motor 45 hp)
    no new production of the bike.

    these are the same things that come out everytime they do one of these test.

    now if you were looking for a 250 that flys , well you have nsr , rgv etc etc , but that is not what they want , its the "overall best learners bike"
    so that comments that i have put up werent bias they were statistical and reflected the feedback from motorcycle magazines that i have read (granted i dont read many)
    most 250 shoot outs lately are done with new bikes and the across hasnt been in them.

    we do have a bit of a biasd opinion , as we get a bagging for the bike , for a couple of reasons , is that there are so many of us here , and the boot , but we defend it harshly as the bike doesnt deserve unfair bagging especially when it is one of the best "overall learners bikes"
  19. I would have bought an Across if it wasn't that my back was killing me after 3min on it. I had a good offer for one from a mate when I was shopping for 2 wheels.

    As it is, all I have to do to my XV250 is fix the seat and I'll be sorted. See the thread on Taller Riders if you want some opinions on bikes for larger people. I'm 6'5 and very heavy - that is probably why the riding position on the Across was so uncomfortable for me, yet only the seat on the XV is a problem.

    Best thing you can do is to wipe your mind of names, models and brands - then get out there and sit on the various bikes, testride what you can, and finally buy the one that rode the best. WHo cares what it is so long as YOU like it ?