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Suzuki Across - which fuel?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kungfupigeon, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Hi I have 98 Across, just yesterday, my brother's ZZR250 died on him and the mechanic after looking at it said it's because he's used too much Shell V power high octane fuel and now his carbs are flooded...

    I've been using V power for the last two tanks on mine, now im getting worried.. noticed a few threads before that some people said an old VTR250 should really use 91 or 95.... what fuel should i be using and would v power kill my bike? manual says above 91....maybe i should try to mix lower octane fuel into my tank now? or stop using v power every time?

  2. anything but shell from what i have been told
  3. Any 91 with no ethanol. Your bike is not injected and does not have a high compression ratio - you'll be running rich on anything over 91, possibly giving you a flatspot in the mid range.
  4. 91 octane is all you need.
  5. V Power is probably OK for fuel injected bikes, but your Across isn't fuel injected and it is going to cause problems if you haven't set it up for that fuel specifically. Believe me, I know. Back when I had an Across, I once ran a couple of tanks of V Power through it, not realising what a "special" fuel it is. Half way through the 2nd tankfull the bike would no longer start - fouled spark plugs. I replaced all four plugs (a bastard of a job on the Across), filled the rest of the tank with regular unleaded then gave the bike a long, hard workout to empty the tank. Refilled with 95 unleaded and never had any problems thereafter.

    I ran my Across on everything from 91-98 unleaded without problems, but I think that 95 probably gave the best results. Just don't run on that V Power shit.

    Visit http://www.shell.com.au/home/content/aus/products_services/on_the_road/fuels/shell_vpower/overview/ and click on the "Is it right for my bike?" tab for more info.
  6. Don't you put a handbag in the fuel tank on the Across? :p

    Back when the engine was designed there wasn't really a "high octane" fuel market. Just run it on the normal stuff. 91 w/out the Ethanol if you can find it.
  7. My 9R LOOOOOVVVEEESSS V-POWAH!!!!!!!!! And that's a carby bike.

    The mechanic is talking through his hat. The old Optimax Shell formulation had some issues with carby bikes, but that's not the case with the current Vpower... except they tend to run a bit richer.

    The more important question is what are you doing running your bike on a fuel that the engine hasn't been designed for?? Use what the manual says.

    If you want a chance of cleaning out the fuel system a little from time to time, run a tank of premium unleaded. Your bikes are not capable of extracting any power or range benefits from octane ratings higher than designed.
  8. I reckon a dyno would beg to differ Rob!
  9. gah! lol i guess i should ride long and hard to empty my fuel and replace it? haha u guys are right... i get black smoke when i rev it at times which means it's a rich fuel dump from what i asked b4...
  10. I came on here a couple of years ago extolling the virtues of Vpower. There was a seat of the pants noticeable difference from Optimax to Vpower in the positive direction. Since then, I've noticed no difference between the premiums on my bike. My local servo is a shell, so the bike is mostly on a Vpower diet and has been dyno'd several times.
  11. Premium fuels, and for some reason V Power specifically, are more dense, meaning they enrichen the air/fuel mixture.
  12. Back to back dyno runs Rob, one with VPower, one with 91 - be interested to know the results!
  13. Minimum RON for the 2002 9R is RON95. There's not much difference between 95 and 98 in terms of perceived power or tank range... it's just that the 98 has extra snake oil that I hope has done the fuel system some good.
  14. in the across manual the exact words are "gasoline used should be graded 85-95 octane or higher"

    ive always put 98 in my across and never had a prolblem but it does still smell a little rich.
  15. I ran V-Power in my old across once. Ran like shit.
    From then on I stuck to standard unleaded from BP and ran it ran very nicely.

    Tried V-Power again on my R1 (2001 carb) when I couldn't find any other servo besides 20 Shell servo's on every 2nd corner and it also ran like a bag of balls.

    Back to BP Ultimate and all was well again.

    I've started using Caltex Vortex 98 as there is a Caltex near my house. Good stuff.

    To the person who said the mechanic was talking shit, you should really reconsider that statement. There is a reason why so many people and a lot of mechanics say V-Power is no good on bikes.
  16. Yeah, thats all well and good, but Id like to know what is specifically causing a motorcycle engine to operate poorly?

    The fuel doesnt work well with carby engines? Is the problem only at high engine rpms?
  17. Like I said, my 2002 9R carby bike loves V Power. Since there's a Shell within 1km of my house, this is it's main diet.

    Optimax apparently had problems - though my bike never did - and I think many warnings are a legacy of this.

    ._. did you fill up when a tanker had stirred up the muck or when the station tank was low??