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Suzuki Across Throttle not opening

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by monstrosity, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    so ive had a hole host of problems since i bought my across 3 weeks ago, mostly related to not starting alot of the time. But ive taken the carbys off and cleaned them and opened all the blockages.

    But now my throttle slides will not raise when i open the throttle. The throttle cable turns the bar that connects the two carbys together but the slides wont raise.

    I can move them by hand.

    Im wondering if the choke cable is buggered and is keeping the slides down or if there is a linkage from the bar that connects the carbys to something inside them itself.


  2. The choke system has no connection to the slides. How do you know the slides are not moving? when you assemble the slides make sure they move up and down with a small amount of resistance. If there is no resistance then you most likely have a leaking diaphragm.

    They are vacuum carbs so if the diaphragms have holes in them or do not seal correctly they wont move up and down in relation to the throttle blades when the bike is running.
    These bikes are very susceptible to a build up of carbon deposits around the valves thus causing them not to seal after a period of time rendering the bike difficult to start.
    Check the "cylinder leakage", not compression. if your cylinders are leaking there is insufficient air flow and thus no or very little slide movement.

    If the valves are leaking the cylinder head has to come off the valves re seated. Cost about $1200.00

    You could still have a carburetor problem however, there are many things that cause your symptoms which need to be considered. The best way to clean your carburetors is in an ultrasonic bath to ensure all the gallery's are clear. Your intake manifolds may be cracked and or leaking, check your plug leads are secure on the plug caps and the HT lead/cap/coils are connected, (you need a multimeter for this).

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  3. please forgive my ignorance. I didnt stop to think for more than 2 seconds.
    The throttle opens the butterflies just fine, i just confused myself and thought it should open the slides that the diaphragm opens.

    Took the tops off the carbys and diaphragms have a few marks on them and signs of wear making me think that there is an air leak leading to not being able to rev the bike.

    Im going to clean the carbys and once i find a mate with an air compressor i should be in business.

    The previous owner said that the clearances were fine but i dont know what to believe now. If the clearances are out of spec ill be devastated so i hope its the carbys.

    There was dirt and crap in the float bowls as well making me think that my fuel tank and pump have crap in them.

    I have an in-line filter between the tank and the pump, and ive just bought another to put between the pump and the carbs.

    I think i should drain and clean the tank but dont know how. Any tips. Cheers
  4. What I have done in the past is to run the bike until the petrol is nearly gone (otherwise you end up having to both deal with a heavier tank and work out where you are going to put a tank full of petrol).

    Then take of tanks and drain whatever petrol is left. I then held tank upside down and hosed the shit out of it. Once I was satisfied it was free of crud I poured in a half a cup or so of metho and shook well until mixed. I tipped that out and repeated with more metho. Then left tank a day to dry although that probably wsn't necessary.

    This worked for my tank but I had a tank which was nothing more than a petrol storage unit and not a cubby hole for storing fuel filters and fuel gauge/indicator mechanisms. If you have these it may be more of a problem and you may need to remove these before hitting them with a hose.
  5. Thanks for the tip! I might give that a go when i find the time (if i can get the tank off that is).
    The tank is mounted under the seat and under the frame but im guessing you can get the tank off from underneath. Not too sure without looking at it in detail though