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Suzuki Across threaded stud problem

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by phongus, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone

    I have a bit of a problem that has arisen after my first oil change. As all things I do, I tend to learn the hard way.

    To cut things short, after replacing the oil filter, I noticed a tiny bit of oil leak from the oil filter cover after a day of riding it...probably would have formed a drop after 2 days or so...not much of a problem, but I prefer no leaks. Got a new O-ring for the cover and continued to tighten the 3 nuts.

    2 went on well...and the third one I managed to thread...now it won't tighten as much as the others. Not sure if it is leaking from the thread yet since it is dark...but i put some gasket maker on the thread to make sure it doesn't leak and hope for no oil leaks tomorrow morning.

    Question is...how can I go about replacing that threaded stud that is part of the engine? Is it a reverse stud into the block? or do I have to drill it out and use HeliCoil to put a new thread in?

    Thanks in advance.

    phong =P~
  2. Sorry but this is why I pay my motorcycle technician, he has the knowledge, skills & a whole workshop full of tools that he knows how to use!

    Me I have none of the above!
  3. hahaha. thanks for the input ;)

    I have tools, the input, a workshop manual...but still managed to tighten it too much...mainly because I am used to doing things really tight on cars and lacking a small enough torque wrench for the bike stuff.

    But you live and learn...

    phong =P~
  4. Can you take some pictures? They always describe the situation better than words.

    From what you've described I would bet on the helicoil being the best option as you'll want the new thread to be the same size as the original. :)
  5. I could take some tomorrow.

    See how it all goes first :D

    phong =P~
  6. Yeah a pic would be nice just to confirm. :)

    If it just a stripped nut = easy fix
    Stripped bolt or block side of a stud = not so easy
  7. :popcorn:
    My stud remover MAY be the answer.
    .. awaiting pic
  8. sorry guys...someone has taxed my digi cam :?

    So I resorted to the trusted MS paint job. Hope it makes sense...

    phong =P~

  9. It is cheap and easy to replace the stud. Do all 3.
  10. Yep no big problem there just remove the stud and put another 1 in. If it was the thread where a bolt goes in then you would have to helicoil it.
  11. Ahh okay, thanks guys.

    With that though, are the studs tightened into the engine in reverse? meaning i have to turn it clockwise to remove the stud? or is it like jammed in there?

    phong =P~
  12. Nah the studs undue the same as a normal bolt, ANTICLOCKWISE but you will need either a stud remover [ recommended ] or locking two nuts together on the stud [ 2nd choice ] or some patience and a good pair of vice grips [ only last resort ]

    As Rog said replace all three :)

    Then your most probably going to need a helicoil to repair the damaged thread, thats a little tricky if you have no idea what your doing, and can very easy make a simple repair a nightmare :shock:

    I'd be asking for assistance or thinking of investing a few dollars and get a bike shop / mechanic to do this repair for you.
  13. You will probably need to apply heat, to shift the studs out. At least have a Bluetongue spanner with you, in case you need it.
  14. If you are not keen on using heat, Penetrine Spray is your friend here.
    Spray studs liberally a few times and let sit over a period of time before attempting to remove them.
  15. Thanks everyone...if it's hard to remove the stud...i'll just take it to a mechanic to do it for me...I've caused more dramas trying to do an oil change...god knows what would happen if i removed the stud :shock: :LOL:.

    phong =P~
  16. Hey everyone...

    I haven't tried removing the stud till today, since it didn't leak much oil...maybe a drop a day or something.

    Anyways, I attempted today to no avail. The studs were not heated prior to removal because I attacked it without thinking.

    I tried removing it via the 2 nut process...two nuts were tight against each other. While trying to undo one nut, it threaded...so now I can't do the whole 2 nut thing. Last resort...vice grips...attempted several times and it hasn't budged. The threads are now basically all squashed and kaput and stud is still stuck. Add to that, I don't have much room to squeeze the vice grips causing more headaches.

    I will attempt again when I remove the exhaust completely...giving me much more room to maneuver.

    Should I heat the stud and then let it cool prior to removal? Does this cause the stud to expand and then contract making it a bit "looser" for me to remove it?

    I thought I'd take a shot of what I am dealing with at the moment and what is in the way. The stud on the bottom left (while looking at the bike head on) is the one that has threaded originally. Haven't attempted removing the other 2 yet...still need them for now to hold the cover on.


    phong =P~



  17. Buy/borrow a stud extractor. I had a similar problem on my bike with studs for the front axle support. Like you I stripped the thread trying 2 nuts, then totally rooted it with vice grips (and destroyed the vice grips as well).
    Despite this they came out easily on the first attempt with the stud extractor, and that was without heating them (though they had been thoroughly soaked with CRC previously).
  18. I will see if I can borrow one from my work place tomorrow. Thanks for that...will give it another attempt tomorrow...

    phong =P~