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suzuki across strong petrol fumes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ben1, May 5, 2009.

  1. hi all,

    i have a question may be silly but...

    i have a 93 suzuki across and when i ride it i smell strongly of petrol, and it is strong as my wife always ask me to shower after i come home.

    there is no visible leak as there is no petrol leaking on the floor, there is how ever some blackish smoke if i give it a good rev of the throttle.

    any ideas on this? is it normal?

    thanks in advance

  2. Check your fuel lines?
  3. Does it bog down more than you expect at low revs and threaten to stall at idle?
    Is it running ritch?
    If so then there may be crap in your carbies.
  4. tell the wife to stop complaining, problem solved.
  5. maybe you shouldnt dry your clothes on the pipe :LOL:
    or spill the petrol on yourself when you fuel up

    leak in exhaust system?
    black smoke = running rich?
    crap in engine ~ run 98 in it once to clean it out
  6. Have a look at the rubber ring on the inside of the petrol filler cap. See if petrol can make it past. Its reasonably close to the seat, so if petrol can spill out and dribble down parts of the bike it might be able to get on your legs.
  7. also ruin your paint
  8. this is one of two possibilities.

    the other is crap under a float needle. Does the bike run better at high revs at the moment?

    If so I'd suggest you need to give the bottom end of your carbies a clean and set the float height.
  9. thanks all for the replies,

    i'll give everything mentioned a look and clean over and see what happens.

    thanks again
  10. Hi

    check fuel lines
    check your c0ck (it may be leaking)

    but more than likely its running rich, thats why it stinks


    open the airbox and spray carby cleaner in it while running
    switch off the motor then
    open the tops of each carb and remove the needles
    spray inside the carbies, open the choke spray inside the hole

    then remove the slide holders and pull the needles out, then remove the circlip and put it 1 notch higher to drop the needle down, and put it back together, do this to all 4 needles, also squeeze the slide holders together so they have a tight fit

    the result will let more air in and less fuel making it run leaner faster and stink less

    here is a link to what to do if you got lost with my instructions

  11. Dont spray any sort of carb cleaner into it while rubbers such as, Diaphragms etc are in there, you will run the risk of swelling them.

    as others have said check the fuel lines and the connections to the pump etc, and also have a squiz at the drain bolts (10mm) on the carb bowls. they run a little flat rubber o-ring that can sometimes leak from old age.

    Check the Crankcase breathers that exit the rocket cover, in some cases hot crankcase gasses can mimic the smell of fuel etc.

    The Crank Case Breather rubber hoses on most across's are squished between the bottom of the storage compartment/false tank thing and the rocket cover, or on some i have seen choke cables routed incorrectly being squshed into the breather lines causing them to eventually crack open etc. and ensure the breather system is connected to the airbox etc aswell.

    I may be wrong seeing as i cant look at the bike in the flesh but i doubt a rich across would cause the rider to smell that badly that the wife would complain, but cleaning the carbs will prob make it run a little better esp if they havent been done for a while. Just remember that there is only one way to clean them properly, and thats to take them out of the bike :D