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Suzuki Across storage compartment seal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 6ixxer, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Hiya,

    Just put a deposit on an Across and it doesn't have a seal around the storage compartment.

    Where should I get a suitable replacement? I was thinking of going to my local car wrecker and just getting a good condition car door seal. I rekon they'd be the same stuff.

    I'm buying from Action Motorcycles in Parramatta so I could ask them to replace but think they might overcharge?

  2. They shouldn't charge you any more for it, it never hurts to ask anyway.

    It is worth while getting the seal or the lid will rattle too much.
  3. Oh, on a side note... the fuel tap seemed to drip a bit of fuel so is it a DIY job to fix the seal? What kinda cost or should I ask them to do it for me?

    I expect a few issues with it being a higher mileage older bike (74XXX, 92) so but at least it has warranty for a few months unlike the private sale examples I looked at.

  4. Hold back and get those items fixed before you put down your deposit. Once they have you money they will turn into a whiney "not my fault, you did it" baby...

    get it fixed first especialy the fuel tap...
  5. I have put a deposit as stated.
    I'll see if they can look at them without charging extra before I pay the balance.

    Just wanted to know if it is an easy DIY job just in case they want to charge.
  6. Called them and they said that they will fix the fuel tap leak and any other leaks, etc. They will make sure I get a bike in good running condition.

    However, they say they do not have an appropriate seal and would have to order one for me.

    So back to my initial question, can I just find a car seal at a wrecker or clark rubber? surely a generic seal will be cheaper and easier to find than the suzuki OEM seal.
  7. I would think if its dripping fuel that would make it 'unroadworthy'. In which case the dealer is not allowed to sell it before they fix that particular problem. (Its illegal for a dealer to sell an unroadworthy vehicle I believe.)

    Run that past them and see how you go.

    *EDIT* Disregard this post, as I see they have already agreed to fix it for you.
  8. yeah, they said they'd fix it up for any leaks, etc
    It'll be 100% operational and roadworthy with any safetly issues resolved (other than the fact that i'll be taking it on the road :p )
  9. I dont see why you wouldn't be able to get a seal from clark rubber that will fit. Only thing is that it won't be moulded to give that perfect fit.
  10. so how much for a proper replacement?
    I'm leaning towards the cheaper replacement but its always good to have a comparison.

    Does anyone know how much they go for, or have a number for a motorcycle wrecker so I can ask them?
  11. No idea but give Suzuki Australia a call or ring up one of the dealers. sure to be a nymber in the phone book or try www.whitepages.com.au ;)
  12. congrats! safe riding!... now you will have a great bike to ride not a dodgy dribbling firebomb...
  13. I'd bought a new seal for my old across from Action@Surry Hills for about $60 if I remember correctly.

    They had to order it too but it was worth it as it was a perfect fit but it still needed a little glue to stop it from lifting off.

  14. http://www.findapart.com.au/

    Have a look at this, fill it out and some wreckers will get back to you, generally within the day... (if they have a part)
    Good Luck
  15. I'll try a generic $5-10 fix first and see if I can live with it before spending $60.

    Maybe I can post pics or comments after cos i'm sure others have or will have the same problem.
  16. If its weather proofing or seals head down to a rubber channel specialists... Walk the parts guy not the sales guy around what you want to do and get him to recomend a rubber sealing strip and or channel.. It worked for most of my cars. If there is a lip between plastics they can generaly get something for it.
  17. :shock: :shock: :shock: $60 sounds right if you order it from a dealer but if you ring the wreckers they'll probably only charge you $5.