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Suzuki Across starting difficulties

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by marts92, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. My Suzuki Across has been hard to start sometimes lately, I will crank over and fire up but rev really really low (>1000RPM) and I'd have to hold the throttle wide open to kick it up to a healthy revving range (2000 - 2500) idle.

    Once I've passed this, its all fine, there is no problems with it when the motor is running but there's a flat spot between 9000 - 9500RPM.

    Last night, I forgot and left the fuel tap on and it wouldn't start at all this morning so I spent most a couple hours sitting down and stripped apart my carbies and cleaned it out, soaked the main jets, pilot jets and pilot/idle screws in carby cleaner for a good 15mins.

    The carbies also had a good drench in carby cleaner

    I also did this about half month ago and then left it sitting for two weeks, and when I came back, it started with some difficulty but fired up and running really rough.

    So quickly pulled the bowls off the carbies and drained all the old fuel out and replaced the tank with new fuel. Since then, it has still been causing problems

    What I think the problem is is the needle valve or the floats not working properly allowing the carbies to flood.

    When I first got it from the mechanics, it was fine for the first month or so and then started these problems.

    The fuel tank is really rusty and I'm planning or replacing it soon with a spare clean one I have lying about . Anyways right now, i'm checking the filter every now and again and replacing it with a new one when it gets gunky.

    Any ideas on what else I can do? There's still problems with the carbies I'm pretty sure and I'm not to sure what else to do now..

    I'm planning on doing an oil and filter change sometime this week as well and seeing if it will run any better.

    PS: I've changed the throttle sliders and replace the fuel filter between the tank and carbies periodically
  2. We always seem to come accross these issues with these bikes.