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Suzuki Across running rough / surging

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by chank, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, i've got an across here, 7X,XXXkm and last week encountered a strange problem -

    Riding up a hill, the bike was running fine - at about 8,000 the power really dropped off, which is strange as that is where the power usually is. Since then it doesn't feel like it is running correctly. Almost like it's running on 3 cylinders

    I tried a fresh spark plug once in each hole which seemed to improve the problem slightly, but once i got riding it (instead of letting it sit there idling) it would lose major power down low.

    from 1-4,000RPM it seemed ok (not as great as before but still fairly responsive and enough torque to get up my driveway) but from 4-6,000 it would almost stall. It really really struggled... and then after 6 started speeding up again and revs almost as well as before up to 12,000. (i don't go over 12,000 to be safe)

    It's got plenty of fuel, BP98 less than a week old. Apart from that the plugs are fine, coilpacks seem to be working fine too.

    I'm thinking it might be an ignition issue, perhaps a coilpack? Is there anything that springs to mind for anyone?

    Thanks guys - much appreciated :)

  2. im leaning more to a fuel pump problem or even a blocked fuel filter.
  3. How does it feel when its behaving funny? Does it feel like the engine still wants to run but has no power? Or does it feel like it just wants to die and you have to keep it going with a handful of throttle?
    Also, does it get worse when the bike has warmed up?

    If you haven't changed your carby slide clips I'd recommend at least looking at them, they wear out in a lot of acrosses making it run very rich.
    Take a look at http://au.geocities.com/ozcross250/holder.html
  4. Dingdingding! Winner!

    Ten minute job, I bet it's the throttle slide holders. As soon as anything's wrong with an Across engine, throw ten bucks at it and change the slide holders. If that doesn't fix it, keep looking.
  5. +1 - If it's only happening between 1/6 to full throttle, it's the main jet - it'll idle like a sweetie until you give it stick!