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Suzuki Across Reserve fuel tank

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rxi73d, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am new owner of a 97 model Suzuki Across as of last night.

    This is my first bike so i dont know a great deal.
    The previous owner didnt know much about the bike since he owned for 3 months and is now relocating overseas..

    I have tried researching on the reserve fuel tank switch but for the life of me cant determine when i have it on reserve or not?

    Can someone please tell me which way i need to turn the dial to activate and deactivate the reserve tank?

    Your help is appreciated

  2. Down is 'ON'. Up is 'RES'

    Those letters are on the fuel cock. There is an arrow on the wingnut looking bit so just get up close and you'll see what it's all about.

    Edit: I was wondering if I would get censored for that. I suppose I could call it 'the reserve tank switch thingy'? ...but its not really a switch. Its a cock :/
  3. Thanks for your help, i will have to check it out tonight.

    The reason i am asking is when i picked the bike up, it didnt start at all (battery is a week old) and i had been advised that fuel has not been replaced since May as it was ridden locally about a dozen times.

    I gave it a test run on Monday night so it started first time and gave it a bit on the throttle when test running it..

    I put a litre and a half in and the bike started and made it to the servo.

    I then tried putting petrol and it only seemed to let me put in about 3 dollars and it seemed full.

    After leaving the servo, the bike kind of died at the traffic light, and i didnt know if i was in reserve or not, but after playing with the reserve switch (not knowing what was on or what was reserve) the bike started and then got me from Strathfield to Ryde..

    Any ideas what it could be?

    Old fuel sitting in reserve being crap quality?

    Had it on the on setting when there wasnt enough fuel?
  4. depends what you call full.

    I call 'full' when the fuel just about overflows out the top, then i nudge the bike to get the bubbles out and the level settles about an inch. You will do this too IMO to get every extra bit of fuel into that 12L tank.

    Some people probably cringe at the thought of overflowing fuel on a bike, but they obviously haven't seen whats hidden under the fuel flap on an Across :wink:
  5. if you stick the fuel nozzle too far in the tank it will trigger prematurely to the tank being actually full because the tank is pretty shallow. just put it in enough so that it wont splash all over ur nice bike and bobs ur uncle
  6. yeah i think i actually had the nozzle the whole way down and it was clicking...

    I even lifted the nozzle, and the fuel seemed to be coming up to the top and then slowly draining into the tank.. It seemed full that way..

    Will check it out tonight, keen to get on and have some practise on it as its my first bike!
  7. i've been riding mine for 3 months, and still have no idea when you flick the reserve switch. Is it when the first fuel light comes on?
  8. Usually when the noises stop coming out of the exhaust is when I switch :p

  9. pffft. i just leave it on reserve most of the time and just watch the k's on the tripometer. im more paranoid about running out of "main" fuel and having to switch to reserve in a hurry, than not looking at the k's and running bone dry
  10. Always good to practice that when you've got plenty of fuel in the tank. That way, when you feel the first cough of a dry main, you can flick the switch without blinking.
  11. Well i got home last night and checked the fuel and it was full, so im assuming i had a lucky cheap night on the bowser..

    How far would one get if the reserve tap is switched to the off indicator??

    And would or does anyone use this as a extra security method??
  12. how do you know it was full? did u look at the little perspect window? if so make sure the bike was level (ie not on its stand) to get an accurate reading.

    i think the bike would still go a little way if run on "off" however a large portion of bike thefts involve just wheeling it away or chucking it on truck/trailer so i dont think its much of a security measure. plus i think 2k's down the rd the thief would still have a chance of finding the big silver fuel tap
  13. I had another look, this time through the perspect window (guessing its the little window under the seat.. Anyway, when sitting upright the indicator is just above the L indicator.

    When i open the fuel cap, there is fuel sitting up there also, Hence the reason i thought it was full? is this normal, or shoud i go get some fuel ASAP?
  14. slickncghia, mate can u confirm the perspect window is on the right hand side of the bike under the seat?? and that is actually the fuel indicator, or brake fluid for the rear?

    Seems odd to be anything else otherwise? especially fuel?
  15. I want this thread to keep going. Plllleeeease...

    I have an Across now and buggered if I can figure anything out on it to do with fuel... I've found what looks like a switch (or c0ck, to be correct) but it's literally soft to push around, & doesn't really have a definite 'up' or 'down'. Can't find anything else that appears to be a fuel c0ck, so I've been filling up every time the first fuel light comes on, just to be safe... & that's only about $8/100 or so kms worth. :shock: :?:

    Would like to hear confirmation about the acrylic window issue too. Frustrating when one person says one thing & someone says something else. :p
  16. I had to do that on my way to work this morning. Was the first time ive had to switch to reserve tank, so was damn glad it worked. :D
  17. Little window is the Brake resevoir fluid indicator.

    The Fuel C0ck is on the right side of the bike not the left, u will see the switch without removing the fairing..

    seems your referring to the idol control dial which is a little"softer" and on the left side of the bike on the fairing.

    Download the User manual for the Suzuki Accross for further help..


    My fuel indicator light doesnt seem to work... both lights light up when i get the key in and turn it on, but as soon as i start the bike the lights dont work, and so far havent come on..
  18. i thought that cock was just on and off, and theres no reserve in the tank cos of the low fuel lights
  19. i thought that plastic view window was brake fluid.
    The tank is a full metal box so i'm 99.99% sure.

    1) Just fill the tank till it near overflows and let it settle.
    2) leave the fuel c0ck on main and when you cut out, switch to reserve. Thats what its designed to do.
    3) if your warning light(s) are on and you're riding past a servo, fill up.

    theres not really much more to discuss on the topic.
  20. first warning normally comes on after 110-120km

    second warning after 160-170km

    They need the warnings cos of the relatively small fuel capacity

    main runs out after 180-190km i think

    reserve will be gone by 220km.

    your tank float sensor is probably worn out if it doesn't register the low level.