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suzuki across question 94 model

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by wilburr, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. hi hows it goin i got my first bike for a couple grand to get me thru the l's & p's which is 12 to 18 more months. there is a noise in the engine which i geuss is the cam chain or tensioner do you think it would be worth getting a major service and new cam chain & tensioner i would only want to spend about $500on it do you think that would cover it . would i need new cams or anything else as spending to much would not be worth it it has done 60000k's and still goes pretty good i put some fuel cleaner thru it and that quieted the noise and improved performence. thanks for advice

  2. $500 should cover a major service, but it won't run to a pro camchain job. Given that the Across is a faired, watercooled four, I can see the labour charges being quite steep, although if the fairings and pipework are already off to do the valve clearances, that would bring it down a bit.

    Others may be able to comment in more detail, but I wouldn't expect much change from $1k for service and camchain from a shop.
  3. i thought 5 would cover the lot and they can chuck a new chain on while they got it apart
    im considering doing it myself from the videos on you tube
  4. hi does anybody know if its got a automatic tensioner or manual and is that it sticking out the back of the head in the middle maybe all i need is a tensioner cause ive read that a timming chain will last 100000k's thanks for any advice
  5. yes im pretty sure what im looking at is the tensioner its under the carbi i will try that first
  6. how'd ya go with the tensioner buddy? i'am about to give mine a go, same situation, bout 60,000km and is just a learner bike so dont wanna spend too much but also want it running at its best.