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Suzuki Across problems

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sydrider, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've found a Suzuki Across, 96 model with 44,000km on the clock.
    The owner says the only problem it has is that the front rotor rivets are loose and this does not affect the braking performance at all of the bike. he says this is a common problem with the Across. He also says it is easily repairable. I can repair it by buying a new one.

    Is this true? Is this a major problem? Will this bike be reliable?

    Any help appreciated.
  2. No more common on the across than any other bike.

    They can be repaired by replacing the rivets, or replacing the whole lot.
    Plenty of Across'es around, and heaps of parts.

    Go here http://www.twincam.org/forums/index.php?c=4, the "Suzuki Motorcycle" part of the forum is a good place to get info.

    Enjoy the bike, they're a bloody good 250.

  3. love the accross... what sort of sound does it make with this problem? i have a clunking type noise on the front end of mine under brakes.. and this sounds like it could be exactly what im looking at.
  4. When I bought my 96 Across a couple of months ago it had the same problem. The rivets on the front disc were rather worn which made the front disc jingle and clang on every little bump at low speeds. I did enquire about it with a couple of people locally who confirmed it was rather common and nothing to really worry about as breaking won't be effected.

    It can be properly repaired by drilling out and replacing the rivets (only some places can do this but being in Sydney you shouldn't have a problem). Otherwise you can replace the entire front disc.

    I did plan on getting mine properly repaired but the rattle was driving me crazy and I just wanted to take my new purchase for a spin without sounding like the thing was about to fall apart. So being the dodgy bastard I am I grabbed a spray can of contact adhesive off the shelf and sprayed a bit around all the rivets. After 5 minutes dry time I took it for a spin and no more clanging! I didn't really expect it to last too long but I've since done over 5000k's and it's still holding. The disc does still occasionally clunk on breaking or if I hit pot hole but it's definitely nowhere near as bad as it was before the spray treatment... My front disc is already worn down a fair bit so I'll just keep going as is and replace it eventually.

    I'd still recommend you get it fixed properly if you buy the bike a my technique can be sort of messy if your not careful and I'm sure it wont last forever.

    So yeah, if the only thing wrong with the across is a bit of a rattle up front then that's nothing to be too concerned about. Go check it out, the Across is a great bike to learn on and you won't get sick of it too quickly.
  5. Welcome to Netrider, psyched, and what a resourceful little vegemite you are! I'm sure that's not in any repair manual anywhere, but you can't argue with the results!
  6. You're enjoying saying that in the past tense, aren't you jj??
  7. Wot.. me??? O:)

    Enjoying the GPx even more :p
  8. take it to a cobbler, they repair handbags too.