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Suzuki Across owners?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by brent88, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. #1 brent88, Jul 24, 2012
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    Hey, Had my across for a couple of weeks now and its great fun but am already craving more power. Who else has 1 and what are your experiences with the bike? Here's a video of mine on a twisty damp road [media=youtube]49tAvKvqg9c[/media]

  2. Moved thread. Do post in a more appropriate forum next time. Cheers
  3. I have one...been riding it for 5 years now. It has been a great steed and yes it indeed lacks power. However it is a great bike to learn on. If you can ride this thing to its limits, you will be able to ride any other bike with confidence.

    Mine has seen better days though. Probably lost a fair few horses over the years, the suspension is just woeful and my brakes are questionable. It is still a great bike to ride.

    I do commute on it daily and rarely take it through the twisties though...but when I do take it up there, it still gives a smile to my face :D.
  4. i really hate the sound of small jap bikes .all noise and no go
  5. @phongus What do you mean by this, i thought they were an easy bike to ride? >>If you can ride this thing to its limits, you will be able to ride any other bike with confidence.

    Yeah mine has been babied all its life, I've got all receipts from the year 2000 onwards (mine is a 1998) and it has always been garaged, thinking a 600cc sportsbike next:)

    The suspension on mine seems fairly soft actually, you have problems getting parts for it?
  6. What I meant was that, if you can ride this bike to its limitations through the twisties (so throttle control, braking distance, lean angle etc) then any larger bike is easier to ride. It is woeful in the corners, so if you can corner at speeds with this thing, a bike with better suspension and tyres will give you more confidence...which if you upgrade to a 600, will definitely have.

    My suspension is really soft and bouncy...it's not the problem with parts finding, it's the money that is required for it.
  7. It's my first bike that's all so its hard to tell how good it is in the twisty's but i know when i took my bike on a windy road my friend on his 04 aprillia 125cc 2 stroke couldn't keep up with me and ended up off the road and going bush for a bit from coming into a corner too hot, he has been riding 4 years and I've been riding less then 2 weeks, the aprillia isn't too bad considering 20% less power and 20% less weight.

    Mine really struggles to make power over about 10-11,000rpm is that just the way their designed because i think peak power is supposed to be about 12,500.

    Maybe a 600cc cbr or suzuki for my next bike:) I can't lean right over or anything either and am not rushing but just trying to get a feel for bikes and be able to manouver it as best as possible incase of the worst
  8. You can go pretty fast with the Across in the corners...can keep up with noob 600 riders. My peak power dies at about 12000...so not too bad off the suggested, anything after that and it's just engine whine. I rarely hit that in traffic though. Comfort zone would be between 6000-9000RPM to get out of tight spaces.

    Even though it is slow, it teaches you roadcraft to make up for the lack of power, which is better than just having power on tap, to make up for roadcraft.
  9. Yeah that's true, too much power at this stage would be a bad thing for me anyway. I still have power at 12,000 but it increases slower after 10 i think
  10. That's because you hit peak torque at 10,500.
  11. Hey brent88, I've just joined & am also keen to meet other Across owners.

    I've been riding my Across for the better part of the year. . Like phongus, mine's also got some pretty noticeable niggles- there's the spongey brakes & the super soft suspension, particularly in the forks.

    I have to say that while I lust after greater torque, I have to agree with phongus. I figure that as a learner, it's probably wise to pay my dues on a bike with less pull & power.

    And it's just too easy to get over-confident before you have the skills to match. My brother & I both learned that the hard way. Unfortunately for him, his lesson involved a totalled Aprilia Falco less than 2 months off his P's.

    I'm actually thinking of getting a naked 650/700 when I'm ready to move up. Something with lower revs & greater pull. But I'll definitely be keeping the Across for fun. She might not have torque, but she screams like a demon on the freeway!
  12. i've got the same colour across as you brent888, i've had mine since 2004 so 9 years now. It was mint when i bought it but now its seen better days. I argue the best 250cc ever made. It has the best balance of performance and commuting practicality. (go the boot !)

    I haven't serviced mine since 2007 and its still going strong ! I ride it every day. It has been my only form of transport for 9 years.

    the paint is faded on one side as I keep it outside. the seat is ripped the clutch cable is stretched so far that the lever no longer works. So ive been riding with no cluch for the last year. But the damn thing wont die! that engine was made tough. it was put in the Japan only gsxr250 and also the suzuki bandit 250. and a scaled up version in the gsx750f. an awesome motor.

    in the market for a new bike now tho. I want a drz400sm but they are overpriced. the across is one of the best bikes ever made. if I find another one in good condition id probably buy it. event mint condition there only worth about 2k. best bang for your buck i say. best bike for your first bike aswell !
  13. Wow you really love your bike by the sounds of it, I am getting attatched to mine but can't wait to get a 600 or 750cc sports bike
  14. well its a damn good bike !. now I've had it for close to 10 years ! wow one decade on the same bike. Its seen better days no doubt. But it has been the best $3500 i have ever spent. having not spent any money on it since 2007 (with exception of fuel/rego/tyres) i have saved enough money to invest in my future. Which is starting to look comfortable financially. If i had got a car I'm sure my net-worth would be considerably less. I owe it all the the mighty across !

    Very keen on the white and blue DRZ400SM. how ever they are outrageously overpriced. both new and on the used market.

    a brand new 2013/14 KTM390 its $6500 and very tempting. Many USED drz go for this price. I have seen 2004 GSXR 600's go for under $5000!! I mean why get a old school 5 gear carbie DRZ when i high tech gsxr can be had CHEAPER !

    Once the KTM and other bikes begin to flood the market hopefully the cost of the drz will fall to the same level i got my across for $3500. but I'm willing to got to $4500 for a good one. If i dont see any value for money when i upgrade. Ill happly drop 2k or so for another across.