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Suzuki Across not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tomcatalex, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Trying to help a friend start his across, checked fuel and working removed spark plugs, were black, so put new ones, forgot wich way the leads go, but cant get it started, the thing trys to kickover but backfires through the carbies, spark plugs are all getting spark too

    what should we try next?
  2. Black spark plugs + back fire = clean carbies and check everything to do with them (float height, worn needles etc) is okay. Just my opinion...
  3. lead order is 1,2,3,4. it looks strange to me they way they are piped, but thats the way it is in the manual and it runs right.

    give the carbies a clean. or if ur like me. grab some carbie cleaner in a can and spray it down the throat of the carbie when givving it a bit of a rev.

    also a little quirk with the across ive come across. if its been sitting a while and wont start. try it with the fuel tap in the OFF position and switch it back to ON/RESERVE when it kicks over.

    Hope it helps

  4. If its backfiring through the carbs and you are not sure on the lead order then its'99% chance you have got the leads on wrong. Check the manual or find someone else with one to compare.
  5. actually (1and4) & (2and3) are interchangeable, suzuki runs some sort of redundant spark system with 2 sparks firing at the same time....

    ....ok keep it simple 1,2,3,4 that will work trust me
  6. not sure how that looks ive made a simple picture

    the short leads are at 1 and 4 cyl and the long leads are left to 3 cyl and right to 2 cyl , the colors on the picture are how they are in now please correct me if thay are wrong and tell me which goes where

  7. cant remember the exsact lead routing off the top of my head.

    but somewhere on the lead or plug theres actually a number. (1 - 4)

    and if you think of the cylinders 1 - 4 as looking at them from the back of the bike and plug them in that order (1,2,3,4) you will be running sweet.

    like i said theres a funky dual spark thing happening, but from memory i was able to make the leads reach 1,2,3,4.

    i think the number is written near where it connects to the plug socket thing (for lack of better word)

  8. just remembered we were trying to start it with the side stand down, however the starter was turning and fuel pumping, would this happen if the stand is down??? or would the starter not work at all if its the stand cut off switch???
  9. if the bikes in nuetral than it dosent matter if the sidestand is down. the sidestand being down will cut the engine if its in gear.

    unless of course the switch could be playing up a bit, so try it up aswell
  10. is there a prime , the fuel cock only has res off fuel, someone said twisting the throttle a few times before starting is prime, does this have to be done with ignition on ?? as its got electric carbs
  11. like i said try kicking it over a few times with the tap in the OFF position, not sure if its priming but seems to work when she dosent want to start on a cold morning after a week of no riding
  12. I just had the same problem with my across. I drained the carbys and found dirt and water in them. Cleaned out the fuel filter box as there was oil and fuel in that. Changed 3 or the four spark plugs (couldn't get to number 2 as you need to remove the radiator hose and battery - if someone knows an easier way let me know). I also put half a cup of metho in the tank. started straight away. i filled her up with some premium fuel and another half cup of wyns carby cleaner. So far so good.
    It was just in time for me to go the next day and pass my p's test. so all in all very happy.
    p.s - i have never ever worked on a bike before. damn they fit a lot into such a small space.