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Suzuki Across not starting =[. batt dead?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by agelow, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, long time reader here.

    Been away for a few months and bike wasnt started for about 3+ months.

    I got home, and it started beautifully which was great.

    Then a week later, I tried to start it again to no avail.

    Engine wouldnt turn over. Even jump starting it woudlnt work.. it woudl go rrrrrhrhhhhhhrhr and just not turn.

    Any ideas on what might need to be done?

    I am a big noob at motoribikes and still learning.


  2. parked for that long, drain and replace fuel, rip plugs out, clean them, then try again

    you'll find alot of threads on 'I cant start my bike' or what to do after storage etc
  3. Rip the battery out, put it on a trickle charger. While it is charging do what goddie said...drain old fuel out from carbies and fuel tank and check spark plugs.

    Fuel definitely has gone stale.
  4. the motor is rotating when you try to jump start it?
  5. thanks for replies. finally tried those above things.

    trickled charged batt, put new fuel.

    tried to have a look at the spark plugs, but not sure how to get them out? they are stuck in the shafts. any ideas?

    also it doesnt seem like the fuel is pumping when i start it up? could it be fuel pump issue?
  6. So the motor is turning over fast enough like it usually does on the starter?
  7. If you have a magnet on a stick, use that to remove the spark plugs once you have loosened them. If not, long nose pliers or a rubber hose that is the same diameter as the plug.

    So you don't hear the pump prime when you switch the keys to the ON position (in neutral and kill switch off)?
  8. Great, ill try the plugs later.

    havnet tried neutral yet.. always in first gear and pulling the throttle. dont hear it priming.

    @pwbike not sure wat that means.
  9. It means is the starter spinning the engine over at a fast speed like it usually does.
  10. hmm.. still cant get it out.

    Wonder if anyone has a free afternoon to give me a hand to change the spark plugs and get my bike working?possibly teach me a thing or too about bike maintenance.

    Bike noobie at the moment, and dont have heaps of tools myself yet.

    happily offer a 6pack or something as thanks!
  11. I can help you out after work, however I had an unfortunate accident at work deeming one hand half inoperable...it was sad to drive to work today.

    Anyways can pop past after work tomorrow if you want me to guide you through it...I won't be bringing tools if I manage to ride to work tomorrow though. In saying that, the tools that are supplied with the bike should be sufficient to remove the spark plug.
  12. hey phong, thanks for the offer mate.

    i dont have any tools that came with the bike, so atm im unsure. i will get some photos up first to show where im stuck at.