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suzuki across no power in the bottom end

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by adeptacheese, May 6, 2007.

  1. i've bought a '94 across recently with 52k ish kilometers on it and its been a bit neglected for a while. Once you get going the power is fine but down below 5000rpm theres nothing. Makes taking off very difficult. Any ideas?

  2. It's a 4-cylinder 250. You have no bottom end, not below around 6-7000rpm.

    It's not unusual.
  3. Haggis is pretty much on the ball, unless it just won't move under 5000rpm, then you likely have a carb/ignition issue.
  4. its not that it takes off slowly in the bottom end, it actually wont move under 5000rpm. Also when i've just started the engine and rev it up a little bit and just leave it idling to put on my gear or maneuver it out of the garage it will occaisonally sputter out.

    clean and redo the needles on the carbs do you think?
  5. That would be a start, check floats, and re-balance carbs
  6. Won't move at all, or is just slow as a wet weekend?

    With my Across it took me a while to realise that little old ladies in Corollas were beating me off the line because the bike needed about 8000 rpm before I let out the clutch.

    Rev the thing enough and you'll probably find it goes okay. There's a reason why the redline's at 16,500rpm after all!
  7. So to be clear on this... the bike is at a standstill until 5k revs?
    Power + Fuel = Power

    Definetly get the carbs flushed and balanced, shouldnt cost you too much, and hopefully it isnt causing the bike any damage.
  8. not at a standstill but not going anywhere. for an example I was coming down a hill in 3rd, slowed right down to check theres nothing coming and put it into first to get going again, let the clutch out and give it some revs and it goes stutters along really slowly. it sort of feels like the transmission is slipping actually, if i pump the clutch a few times and hold it at friction point and rev it up alot it'll get going again
  9. Well it probably wouldnt be your clutch as they take a lot to wear down, maybe your gearing is worn down.
    But does this happen in most gears, say if your in 3rd and you back it off to 5k will it start splaying up then.
  10. If I remember correctly there is a bit of a common fix for some issues with the Across, which I think was replacing the throttle sliders...

    Check out this page and the links it provides (in particular the twincam forum, I've heard a lot of Across owners speak of it).
  11. What type of fuel are you using? Normal ULP or PULP?
  12. A little bit of plastic (throttle slide holder) has worn itself out in your carbs. They cost 2 bucks and you can do the work yourself in an hour or two.

    This will tell you everything you need to fix it: http://au.geocities.com/ozcross250/holder.html

    I've done it myself, with very little mechanical knowledge and basic tools. Easy as pie.

    Three or four years ago this forum was chockers with Suzuki Across riders, I wonder where they've all gone...
  13. Yep throttle slide holders was going to be my answer too, dine mine about 8 weeks ago. Cost $20.70 for the parts and 45 mins to install. Make sure the rubber diafram is in good condition with no splits or cracks in it too, you will no what im talking about as soon as you take the top plate off the carbie.