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Suzuki across leaking fuel from bottom hose

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by frankd, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Heya all,

    I just parked my bike in the garage and noticed its leaking fuel like slow drops from a hose that comes out from under the bike. It looks like the hose that runs from the fuel cap to remove excess fuel from spilage but its a seperate hose next to that one. I didn't drop the bike, I plugged it up for now until I find some sort of source for the problem.

    Does anybody have some ideas why fuel is coming out from there?

  2. You may have a float needle stuck open. Make sure you check the oil level before you start next time.

    You may also have trouble starting.
  3. cool, ill try see if i can have a look at the float needle. I did have problems starting it yesterday before I found out about the problem.

    Do you think if I get it started and rev it up a bit the needle might get unstuck?
    The previous owner of this bike rounded the screws for the carby covers up so I cant turn the screws to get the cover off.

    Think I might just let her drain into a bucket instead of blocking it for now, im thinking it might overflow
  4. They do sometimes, but it's more likely to happen under load. Give it a fang in second.

    Mind it may not be that. Just my first guess, without seeing the problem specifically.
  5. Ah, its a pity I told teh guy buying my across that he can take my spares... I have a replacement carb set that may have sorted your problem.

    I'll encourage him to sign up here and maybe he can send em your way (cos he won't need them, i just got them cos I needed the idle adjuster cable).
  6. thanks for your help fellas,

    i tried her out before and she seems ok now. sometimes they like to have a bit of a biatch and then there ok :)

    Must have been bad time of the month for her :grin: