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Suzuki Across Issue

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by MRQ, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    2 things I want to look at here

    When I start my bike after a bit of a spell in the garage, (24+ hours) there is a sound like a pump that comes from under my seat which is incidently where my fuel tank is. it goes for 3 or so seconds but it not like a winding sounds it sounds like pressure releasing. I dont know how to describe it

    the second thing is again if it has been resting for 24+ hours when I take it out start her up with the choke on, and let it idle for a couple minutes, after I let it idle and warm up once I have removed the choke. when I flash the throttle or even gradually increase the throttle there is a point where the engine starts to die as if its not getting fuel. if I continue to put the throttle any further open the engine dies out. this lasts for maybe 1 minute if I hold the throttle on the threshold of dying and running.

    I have not yet done anything to the bike and have only had it for a few months, I was wondering if anyone could suggest anything for me to look at for the 2 above issues. which I feel could possible be related

  2. After having the bike sit over night and then starting it up, the pump makes a weird sound...but that's just the pump priming the line. If you close your fuel line and let the pump run, it just gets louder.

    If you have a pressurize/depressurize sound, then I am clueless as to what it could be.

    I have that same problem with the throttle as well when I'm in a hurry. Usually I let the bike warm up, and by the time it warms up it doesn't happen. When it does happen though, I just blip the throttle, after a couple of blips it works just fine.

    I haven't actually looked into this problem yet.

    phong =P~
  3. I figured that the noise would just be the pump. Priming the line sounds probably about right.

    With my other issue, mine will not rectify no matter how much I let it warm up it will not clear up until I try and rev it for a while. whether this is in gear or not.

    I figure it is fuel pressure, carby issue, electrical or air intake.
  4. Normal.
  5. it is normal for it to die if I put the throttle on even if its been warmed up for 10 minutes?
  6. dont think its normal for the bike to be doing that.

    im assuming its an old 250cc across which has a carb, so im pretty sure there is no fuel pump, usually just a fuel line which the carb draws fuel from

    if you have an inline fuel filter it might be dirtied up, so either replace it with a new fuel filter or straight hose from the tank to the carb to rectify the dying issue

    for the sound under your seat check the battery, maybe its on the outter and its releasing gas/acid/distilled water mix?? ( im not sure if its possible but it might happen)
  7. Ok I will check those 2 things just to ensure its ok.

    its an old carby one, you are correct, I will now have to remember how to open it up and look at these things. only bought it a couple of months ago from a very very knowledgible person on this website actually
  8. if thats the case take it back to them and they should sort it out for you, it might have been a problem that occurred previously so they might have a fix for it
  9. i had the same problem with my CBR so i had the carbies rebuilt...
    you should of seen the crap that came out of them.
    its a prity simple job..
    runs so much better now :)
  10. The pumping/clicking/whirring sound you hear when starting is normal.

    The second problem possibly is a carburettor problem. A common problem with the across is the stupid plastic throttle slide holders. They hold the throttle needle in the carburettor. These wear over time with the movement of the slide in the carburettor when worn they allow excessive movement of the throttle needles and therefore incorrect amount of petrol. In other words you could be getting too much petrol in the mix when the bike is cold. Another common symptom of worn throttle slide holders is flat spots when you are accelerating. There are four of them and they cost a couple of dollars each and they may make the bike run 100x better, (and save on an expensive carbie rebuild). When I replaced them on my across, it started better, it ran better and its fuel economy increased massively.

    Here is a link with a detailed description on how to change them and some other bits of information.