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Suzuki Across ignition issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Deakinf, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys!

    I have a 1998 Across with similar issues to a few other Across threads on here. When it hits about 9-10k it stumbles a bit and looses power, sometimes it recovers and powers on as usual and some times it just seems to be lacking power... and yes... I know it's an Across and isn't meant to have any power.. haha :)

    After closer inspection I found one of the ignition leads had been crushed so I replaced them which has improved things a bit but still not 100%..

    My question is:
    I put a multi-meter on all of the ignition caps and found resistance varying from 9.76k Ohms to 10.50k Ohms.. Does this sound like it could be causing the issues?
    It's recently been tuned and balanced (by a local bike mechanic) , and had new slide holders and spark plugs also.

    My next step is to remove and clean the resistor that is inside the caps but I thought i'd ask the expert legends on this forum for any advice before I started pulling things apart haha!

    Thank you in advance, apologies this ended up being a novel but though it best to provide as much info a possible :)



    Run down of the bike if you require any more info...
    When I first got the bike (a few years back) it had been sitting for over 10 years in a garage, a few mates and I got together and rebuilt it and got it on the road over a period of about a year.
    Most things we could fix / replace our selves but due to my limited knowledge I had to take it to my local bike mechanic to tune, balance and replace some faulty pilot jets along with unblocking the choke circuits.
    This made it run about 300 million times better than I had managed but then this latest issue started to creep it's way in...