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Suzuki Across GSX250F vs CBR125R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bebo3, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Ok i am looking to get a first bike, and i'm tossing up between these two bikes.

    I'm leaning very much more to the across. But what i want to know is, is it a good bike for learners compared to the CBR? A new CBR with warranty seems like a safe choice money wise.

    But i'm worried i will be too big for the CBR and look ridiculously awkward.(i'm still yet to sit on a cbr125) im 6'1" and close to 80kg's so it may feel like i can fling the CBR around like a bicycle.

    I called one of the dealers just to get a bit of advice on the suzuki but he didn't seem very helpful granted he tried to sell me a hysong gt250R while i specifically said i wanted the across, but anyway he said that the across you need to rev it up lots to get it going.
    Will this be a problem later on assuming i buy a private second hand across? My intention is to use it approx 2/3days a week, and i would like to keep the bike for a decent amount of time .
    (not just upgrade quick, i want my first bike to be one that i remember like one that has 'character')

    EDIT: i'm only really looking to spend around $4000 for the bike.

  2. Get the across.

    I'm not just saying because i have one :)

    Seriously there a great bike especially for a first bike, yes you do have to turn the thing pretty hard to go, but even so I reckon it got pretty good mid range torque for a 2fiddy, like there is useable power anywere beyond about 6grand all the way to about nearly the 16.5k redline(not much point going beyond about14k).

    As for dealer telling you about revving it hard, well its a 250 4clyinder...

    Lane splitting in the thing is pretty good too, at speeds under about 70ks its got plenty of go to fly through small gaps, on the freeway its still got acceleration available from 100ks in top, but its not super rapid.

    The trunk thing is f*cking awesome! No carrying your helmet around, you can go shopping in the thing, carry a set of street clothes/boots without having to put a backpack on. Carry your lunch to work... its realy great.

    Its got more than enough poke to bust your way through traffic an get away from the lights and it looks like a much bigger bike than what it is.

    A dealer isnt going to be helpful to you tryin to buy an across as they dont make them new anymore.

    Cant say much about the cbr because except for walkin past one in a showroom i cant comment on them.
  3. The Across is a great bike, certainly a much better bike than the gutless and surely very boring CBR125R. Especially so since you're a bigger bloke.

    The Across has a reputation for having a very solidly built engine, a well looked after one will keep going for a long time.

    Yes you have to rev the Across (needs 6-7K revs to really get it moving from standstill) but that's part and parcel of a 250cc inline-4. I spent quite a while on my mate's Across, lots of fun especially because it was so different from the VTR.
  4. If you want to keep it for a decent amount of time and are doing ANYTHING other than commuting, the across is the way to go.

    But if its just going to be your city commuter for the next year or so, cbr is better in traffic, being so light + agile, with a great clutch.
  5. Go to the dealer and sit on both :) I'm 5'11" and about 68kg so I'm lighter and fit the CBR125 pretty well, but if I hit any kind of hill I still have to change up 2 years or the bike seriously struggles. It's a great commute (mainly what I use it for) but not much more. Getting better as it breaks in though, i'm at around 1600km now.

    Here's me on the 125, compared to most others the bike is kinda small.. just think of it as cute :p

  6. mandirin centre car park, thought it looked familar. DID YOU PUT A PIPE ON THAT?? HOLY BROWN BANANAS BATMAN!!!
    get the across, get the across, get the across.
    do i need to say it again?
    get the across. :D

    are you considering any other bikes? or just these two. you were wise to stay away from a hyo like the plague.
  7. It's very close, but it's not the mandarin centre ;-) I live 2 streets away.. probably designed/built by the same person though :p
  8. Also, you stole my blue agv helmet!

    You and 50000 other L/P platers out there
  9. Go for the 250... 125's are gutless. Have to rev the tits off them.

    The CBR is short, light weight and narrow, so if you're tall, its going to look "interesting"......

    I nearly bought a cbr 125 but opted for a 250 for the power aspect. (and having had a 250 for a month, already looking at 600s !!!!!)
  10. Go the Across. It's a fine choice for a newbie and certainly a much, much better option than an underpowered, overpriced (for what it is) CBR125. The CBR might make a suitable alternative to a scooter but if you plan on doing any real riding (ie outside of a city) then forget it - strong winds and/or steep hills are a big enough problem on a 250 like an Across (which has 3 times the power).
  11. omg thanks so much for the replies guys, really appreciate, i think i will go for the across since i can put my helmet inside the boot whilst going to uni, and from your comments it seems reliable enough.
  12. Definately the across!
  13. ehhehe. was going to say, doesnt every newbie have this helmet? ;p

    trying to find a blue iridium visor for it.. no shops seem to have any >_<
  14. +1 for the across. I just got my L's and bought an across. Loving it so far, actually just got back from a ride. As already stated, the boot it extremely handy. It does enjoy a good rev (and sounds insane) but I have no problems taking off with enough torque at low revs. Shouldn't have any trouble finding a good one for your money. When I was getting the roadworthy done my mechanic said they are reliable bike and he doesn't see much go wrong with them.

    I'm only 5'6" but even I found the CBR125 too small. I've heard it struggles to reach highway speeds too, although I can't speak from experience.
  15. I weas eye-ing off the 125 before I did my bike exam...doing that on a 250, it was really obvious anything smaller just wouldn't do.

    Across :)
  16. rev it lots..... not true

    i rode a 96 across for 2 years. I reckon (yeah might be a little biased) the across if this best learners bike. Its comfortable, reliable, sporty, has the helmet compartment (also good to stash takeaway while going drive thru at maccas).

    The across is AWESOME
  17. Across250, no doubt. Friend of mine bought a cbr125 when i bought my zzr250, and he sorely regrets it. He weighs around 80-90kg, and he does look kinda weird riding it. Borrowed it off him for 2 days to do my p's test on, and i couldn't wait to get my zzr back.
  18. you should get the across cos the man bag is the most useful thing ever
  19. alrighty i was leaning more to the across anyway, let the bargain hunting begin! :LOL:
  20. Dude make sure you do look around.... there are heaps on the market so you will be able 2 get a good price