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Suzuki Across (GSX250F)- Seeking Information/advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Schwalbe, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. I've been looking at these in addition to the 'usual suspects' in my search for a first bike- however I've been unable to find much information about them (compared to CBR's etc).

    Assuming I can find a properly maintained example, are there any mechanical issues to look out for or any other general drawbacks unique to them? From my research the only things I've picked up are a short fuel range (albeit at the benefit of a handy 'boot' where the tank should be) and a slightly greater weight than comparable bikes. How are they in terms of parts availability, reliability, etc? Handling, brakes?

    Are they are an appropriate bike for a learner? The majority of my riding will be commuting in light traffic to Uni (presumably the inline 4 will not be especially suited to this?), along with assorted weekend rides.

    FWIW, I'm 177cm and 50-something kg. Mainly drawn to the Across due to the cheap price tag, big storage space and greater power as opposed to some (all?) of the newer 250's.

    Thanks for any and all advice/information. :)
  2. The cheap 250's are much of a muchness. The Across is a good bike, it was the bike I learnt on. They are nice to ride, would assume parts would be cheap if anything goes wrong (nothing did on mine and it was high km). One thing I did do after a lot of reading was to replace the little plastic slide things (cant remember exactly what they were, that was many years ago) that wear out and you lose some power and smoothness. They are an easy replacement and cheap, and boy did it make a difference on mine (GlaDOS should know how to do this)
    By the way, one downside to Across is granted the storage is great, but if you have a bigger head, the helmets dont fit.
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  3. I have had my Across for 3 years now (maybe 4) and it hasn't had any issues, besides the usual wear an tear. Current kilometers is 76000km...so not too bad for high ks. Parts can be bought quiet cheaply online or even at the wreckers (eg. Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers) and there are some things that are interchangeable, haven't really looked into it. The only thing I don't like about it too much is the soft front forks and single front disc brake (much prefer the twin disc such as my VFR400), however they are still great for everyday commuting. Soft suspension does give it a nicer ride comfort, however when cornering and pushing it, it is rather wallow.

    As you already mentioned, range per tank isn't high (mine is about 180km before using reserve...majority highway riding) compared to others which is one downside. I average about 7L/100km...hoping to drop the average down a little once I pull the carbies off and give them a good once over. 12L full tank with 3L reserve...so maybe 200km if you run it completely dry.

    The only expensive part which I found rather odd, is the genuine paper air filter. Can't remember the exact cost, but it was high enough to deter me from buying a new one and just air cleaned my one out. Oil filter, oil etc are usually the same for most 250s in cost.

    If you plan on looking at the Across, make sure all the electrics work on it, so boot and petrol cover actuators work properly. If you can, get them to show you the battery, the contacts at the terminals should be clean...had a bad battery connection once and rode on only for the bike to die. Couldn't get to the tool box in the boot because I didn't have any electricity...and to get to the manual release lever for the boot, you need a screw driver which happens to be in the boot. So from now on I keep a phillips head screw driver in my pocket.

    As mentioned by Kaos, you can fit a helmet in there, however a large helmet might not fit easily if at all. My small AGV helmet fit fine, however my current Rohk helmet does not...it has a slightly larger shell compared to the AGV. You can fit 3/4 of a slab in there if you play enough tetris. Drive through take away shops are always amusing.

    Also I'm 180cm and weigh in at only 60ish kg. Another bonus with the Across, it is a larger bike compared to other full faired 250s, so was better suited for me and is comfortable.

    Hope that helps a little.
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  4. I've had my Across now only for a couple of months - first bike ever. Same reasons above drew me to it - cheap ($1800), comfy, my commute is about 10min so range is not a big issue for me. The boot is brilliant - doesn't fit my Shoei but still has the lockable hooks under the seat (if I'm parked in a trustworthy looking area!).

    It's showing about 60,000 on the ODO, had to replace the headlight globe after a week and after riding it home from the bloke I bought it off, I discovered that the front tyre was at 15psi and back at about 25psi... I've taken it on a couple of longish trips (Brisbane to Northern Rivers return over a weekend) with no issues apart from the standard sore arse.

    I'm 185cm and 90kg or so and it is starting to feel just a little small for me but my brother bought a CBR250RR at the about the same time and it feels tiny compared to mine.

    Compression braking of the 4cyl engine takes a little getting used to but worth it to rev up to 16000rpm.

    Overall I'm very happy with the purchase but am already thinking about the next bike when I get off the restricted licence.
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  5. I have heard that you could, theoretically of course not in practice, activate the fuel tank lid on which the number plate is mounted, when passing a speed camera or toll point.... thus making it impossible to ID the bike. Allegedly.

    Just saying.
  6. I'd have an Across over a CBR250 any day of the week. It's a Suzuki four stroke and so should be mechanically unburstable but listen to Phongus regarding the electrics (though possibly less carefully about carrying a potential stabbing tool about your person when riding :shock:).
  7. Fantastic first bike. I've had mine for just over 2 years now and love it. Don't be put off by the supposed poor fuel range. If you are commuting then having to stop every 180kms for fuel isn't going to be a problem.

    As someone previously mentioned, make sure you check all the electrics work. pop the fuel cap and boot while you are looking over the bike to make sure they work. Parts are super cheap for this bike. The major mechanical weakpoint is the throttle slide holders but at $5 each you can afford to change them when needed.

    Don't believe the millage on any of the bikes. They seem to be the same as all the CBR's out there. 40,000km for a 1997 commuter bike. Please. Just go based on how the bike looks. There is a useful checklist somewhere on this website for buying a bike. Follow that list and you will be cheering.

    Not to sure what you're on about there? The fuel tank lid is completely separate from the number plate bracket.

    Forgot to add. There is an old corolla forum somewhere on the net with a sub section for the across. Have a google search and you will find it. Lots of good information on there.
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  8. Hmm my memory must be going then?
    Would the open fuel tank flap cover the plate perhaps ?

    A across subsection on a corolla forum? Now I;ve heard everything.
  9. My first bike was an Across and I seem to recall the petrol flap only popped up a little. If the flap could cover the plates from a camera, then a rack mounted bag would do a much better job of it. So with that being said, I call shenanigans on this story.

    The only thing I remember being an issue on the Across for me was the throttle slide holders (as mentioned by Kaos). When they wear out the bike will develop flat spots and won't rev all the way to redline. Replacing these are cheap at a few bucks each.
    The other thing is the soft suspension. As a learner bike you probably won't notice as most learner bikes of that age are soft, and you probably don't have much else to compare it to. You also only weigh 50 odd kg's, so it might even be ok for you.
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  10. I inspected an Across this evening.
    I stand corrected.
    I'll go back into my corner..... :)
  11. Jesus... 7L/100km? My '88 CBR1000F gets better than that! My '89 CBR250R got 4.3L/100km regularly. You need to get a tuneup and a new airfilter my friend... unless the bike is just heavy on fuel but I find it hard to believe that it'd use that much.

    Cheers - boingk
  12. yup 7L/100km...it is a fuel hungry little bike but is far less consuming than my car ;). Across' have been known to be fuel hungry, but to be honest I'm not sure by how much in comparison to other bikes. I think average fuel consumption is about 6L/100km for most Across. They are heavy bikes (183kg wet according to specs) compared to the CBR250R or RR...at 154kg wet.

    I think I should be able to get 7L down to at least 6L/100km...but time will tell...on today's ride, I managed 6.6 so not far off.
  13. Wow... thats crazy. Oh well, least its better than a car and fun to ride!

    Cheers - boingk
  14. [​IMG]
    I get between 5 and 6l per 100k, depending on how much traffic I sit in which, being in a country town, there usually isn't a lot of.
  15. My wife had one of these for a while, and I gotta say they're a great bike to get around on. One of the best sounding 250's you'll find when it gets the revs up (although nothing on a twin....).

    One thing I noticed was with my slightly bigger body mass (90kgs at 6ft) it took up to about 7k for the bike to start accelerating with any intent. If you can hold the revs above that though she's a bit of fun to throw around.

    As for fuel consumption, 7 per 100km is pretty good for the Across. Its a thirsty beast.

    And as for compression braking, I'd say don't expect any and you wont be disappointed :)
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