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Suzuki Across GSX250F 1992 - $1850

Discussion in 'Archived' started by ad91on, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    Well, the time has come... After buying the bike late January this year I have to get rid of my beloved Across for various reasons.

    There are a few issues with the bike, being 20 years old with a spate of learners hasn't been easy on it:

    Fairings are pretty scratched
    Many lenses are cracked
    Front screen is fairly held together with duct tape
    Seat is ripped
    Screws and bolts missing from fairings
    Etc etc.

    Rest assured, everything works proper and good. I got a new front Sport Demon and had the rear one (%85) plugged around a month ago - transformed the bike pretty much. I also replaced the brake pads a similar amount of time ago. Previous owner spent around $2000 on the bike including throttle sliders and carby tune.

    I have always maintained the chain and mechanically, to my knowledge, the bike is A1 and has never skipped a beat. Clutch is starting to get a bit stiff but still engages and doesn't slip.

    Albeit, it does need some work cosmetically. It has just ticked over 91,000kms, and feels like it could go for a while yet. Ideal learners bike/city thrasher, and it really is as it still goes to that 16,000rpm redline very happily!

    $1300 is my special netrider offer. Rego until 10th of september. It's gotta go. :(

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  2. Few more pictures:

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  3. This bike is still for sale.

    Special netrider offer - $1300.

    This bike absolutely must go. I have better places for my money to sit i have decided, in a moment of accountant-like sensibility.
  4. => clutch cable needs some lube. ;)
  5. I know but... but...

    No excuse, i know. Sorry capt.
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