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Suzuki Across giving me trouble in hot weather

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by velcro, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. I just purchased a Suzuki Across(well a few month ago) and I am having trouble with it in hot weather.

    Please excuse my newbieness.
    Anyway to the point. When the bike is ridden for over about 10 minutes in hot weather it starts to really struggle to rev between 1000-5000rpm. Once you clear 5000 it seems to run pretty much fine though. It sounds as though its either starving for fuel or getting to much fuel. I am going to replace the throttle sliders over the weekend but I really don’t think they are the problem as it only happens between this limited rpm. It is using a hell of allot of fuel. 140km to a 12 litre tank. So I assume it must be running way to rich.(I hardly ever have to use the choke) What do you across experts recommend I look at when I have access to the carby.


  2. Buy a new Handbag :p :LOL: Sorry just had to make that comment :D
  3. Give her more revs! Treat her mean, she likes it!

    140k to a tank is about right for suburban riding, at least it is for mine.
  4. 1. what does it idle at ?
    2. has it had a bafflectomy ?
    3. whats it running on the temp gauge 1/2 -3/4 ?
    4. is your thermo fan kicking in above 3/4?
    5. what suburb are you in ?
    the across should idle around 1500-1800 rpm when warm

    as for the other a few spots to check
    1. running rich ( dont use optimax in across)
    2. adjust idle if not right
    3. adjust mixture
    4. make sure choke isnt locked on (might be off on handle bar but not off on carby ass properly)
    5. check slides.
    6. if you have had the air cleaner lid off , make sure its on the right way.
    7. tune up and get carbys balanced ( when they are unbalanced it runs rough)
    8. also if you havent had the baffectomy there may be little flat spots , the across is a high reving bike , they like to rev , change gears between 7-9000 rpm

    also get onto this site
    they are wizards

    and download the service manual too
  5. It is idling a little low around 1400 but when the weather was cooler it was idling spot on 1700rpm.

    bafflectomy? Do you mean has the baffle been punched out? if so no it hasn't.

    On the temp gauge it runs below half. Infact I dont think its gone over half ever.

    The thermo fan has never kicked in because the bike has never gotten that hot. Even after a thrashing.

    As for the mixture, from memory they are meant to be screwed 1 and a half turns out from all the way in? I will check this.

    From the service records I have it looks like the carbys were balanced not that long ago. How often does this have to be done?

    As to giving it more revs, I do I rev the crap out of it. Its just when slowing down for some traffic lights it starts spluttering and even stalls sometimes.
  6. each service general balance the carbs.

    try placing a bit of metho in the tank too
    the ratio for cars is 1 ltr to a full tank of fuel (60 litres)
    so you can work out the ratio for the across, this will help with H2O in the fuel.

    also check your hoses and vacum lines for splits and cracks , and clean out the bottom of your air cleaner box , the lid (openoing) should face the rear .
  7. Okay thanks. I will check all those things.
  8. The idle screw and 'mixture' screw only affect things up to about 1/4 throttle. To check the mixture on the main jets do a 'plug chop'. Like this,

    Ideally, but not essentially, start with new plugs. Run the bike flat out (full throttle), in as high a gear as possible, for eight to 10 seconds (don't hold the bike at the rev limiter, as it'll give you a false reading). Without cutting the throttle or slowing down, simultaneously pull in the clutch and hit the kill switch. Coast the bike to a halt, with the clutch still in, and remove a plug.

    The plug electrode should be tan to grayish-white. A white plug indicates a lean mixture; dark brown, dark grey, or black means it's rich. You might have to check more than one plug if a single carby is the problem.
  9. Decided to take a sickie in the end and work on the bike today. Well all the screws on the carby are pretty much screwed, whoever worked on the carby last striped all the screw heads so I couldnt get into the carby. Anyone got any advice to get them out?

    While I had the handbag up I had a play with the mixtures and they were all about 6+ screws out. So I screwed them in to the recomended 1 and a half out. This made the revs hold and slowly drop for some reason. So I set them all to about 2 and a half out and just took it for a spin then. It seems to have fixed the problem :D

    So basically it was running to rich.
  10. Your fuel economy might improve a bit then. I've seen 150+km from mine, with a little left in the tank.

    What fuel do you use?
  11. Hey,

    Is it a black bike, really scratched fairings, rego (vic) ZZ-750?

    If it is, it's my old one that I sold to a wreckers, it had exactly the same problems, and you should bin it and buy a bike that actually goddam works!
  12. No its not a black bike. Its yellow.

    I use Ultimate in it. Might switch back to normal fuel though.
  13. ultimate is ok , and many of the others will be ok in it
    just not optimax.

    i use mobil in my bike , always used mobil in my old across too , it loved it .

    glad you found the problem , if you are thinking of doing the baffelectomy , give me a PM before you do it there is some benifets , but also some downfalls.
  14. Oh man. It must be the canary yellow Across that I see on EBay or BikeSales every four or five months! I nearly bought it for $2000 last year from a guy in Geelong but chickened out at the last minute. I keep wondering why that thing changes hands so damn often.

    Anyway, two things I did to my old black one:

    1. Take the bottom fairing off, gives it a bit more airflow and tends to keep it a bit cooler
    2. Get the carbies balanced / cleaned by a professional. Not sure if Pete's still doing services but if he is try to track him down - many people here can give you his number

    One thing I learnt with my old Across, though, is that a lemon is a lemon no matter how much money you spend on it :(